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Spain's First Nude Restaurant Serves Up An “Aphrodisiac Menu”

August 6, 2018

Spain's first naked restaurant will employ staff to serve up an “aphrodisiac menu” off their bodies.


Innato opened to the public in Tenerife this week, offering diners to eat some gourmet libido-boosting food while completely in the buff.

Owner Tony de Leonardis said the restaurant was inspired by pop-up nude eatery The Bunyadi , which came to London last summer.


The restaurant booked every one of its 46,000 places within weeks - and had a waiting list of of thousansds.


At Innato things will be a little more racy than its British counterpart as staff will strip-off and display the culinary delights on their bodies - with just vine leaves or cloths to keep their modesty.

Diners will be asked to check in their phones at the door before they are led to a changing room to get into nothing but a bathrobe.


They are then taken to their table where they can dine in the buff, separated from other diners by bamboo partitions

A popular menu item is the “Happy Ending” – a dessert of drizzled melted chocolate and strawberries served on a naked model.


The Bunyadi was the latest idea from Lollipop, the people behind the Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail bar ABQ.


Lollipop founder Seb Lyall said before it opened in June 2016: "We believe people should get the chance to enjoy and experience a night out without any impurities: no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone and even no clothes if they wish to.

"The idea is to experience true liberation.”

"We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked," Seb continued.

"The use of natural bamboo partitions and candlelight has enabled to us to make the restaurant discreet."


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