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The Confession of Donald Trump

With an additional twelve indictments in Mueller's Investigation, the evidence continues to mount that the entire 2016 election, from Nomination to Inauguration, was tainted, manipulated and completely illegitimate. It's been revealed by no less than the head of the FBI, Acting Director Rosenstein, that the Russian Government managed to hack not only the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee, but also obtained the voting information of more than 500,000 people. Meanwhile Trump continuing tweets of "no collusion" and "I did nothing wrong" sound less and less convincing by the hour. Just this morning Trump claimed that the Russians just indicted by Robert Mueller were the fault of the "Obama administration", a claim so ridiculous that Donald might as well have blamed Freddie Kruger for what happened. 


What continues to baffle most Americans more than anything at this point is the bizarre loyalty of his "base":  The roughly 30% of all Americans who not only don't believe we were victims of a cyber-attack by the Russians but continue to maintain, despite all evidence, that the President is doing a good job. Trump is a man of such astonishing stupidity that he managed to offend our closest allies, Canada by claiming the War of 1812 still needed to be settled and Great Britain by failing to conduct himself as an adult while in proximity of World War II veteran and longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, whom he regarded the same way one imagines he might regard a bag lady. BBC World News reported that the protests in the UK were larger than Trump's own inauguration. 

In the last year and a half, Jared Kushner attempted to establish an unauthorized back-channel to Moscow via the Russian embassyDonald Trump, Jr released his emails showing that he actively attempted to violate election laws by accepting donations from the Russian governmentPresident Trump assisted in writing the exculpatory letter to clear Don Jr. of attempting to accept bribesviolated the Iran Nuclear Agreement, started trade wars with China, Mexico, and Canada causing American steel industrial plants to begin layoffs, threatened the European Union, legitimized North Korea's burning desire to be taken seriously on the world stage while getting nothing in return, lost track of 1,500 children, and accused the US's top spy hunter of helping spies.

On the bright side, he and his daughter got the Chinese trademarks they always wanted.


"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has the chance to get its pants on."
Sir Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of Great Britain

Rocketed from the doomed planet Oklahoma, Daniel landed in California and discovered that under a yellow sun he was granted the powers of sarcasm, brevity, skepticism and critical thinking.
He lives in his Fortress of Solitude with his son, girlfriend, and lousy wifi connection monitoring the culture and reading Nietzsche.  When not writing, he runs The 37th Realm of Existence and Progressives Against the #Trumpocalyse.
His hobbies include Japanese porn, foreign films and the works of Alan Moore.

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