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Manza Monday: Domination: A Tale of Submission, pt. 8

May 28, 2018

Turning the water off I lay back on the bench and prepared to relax and read my book, when I remembered that I had left the book on the side table. Standing up I grabbed the towel hanging on the hook by the tub and stepped out to grab the Master's book. As I passed through the door, I saw a plate of food and wine set out. Snagging the plate and wine I made my way back to the bathroom, grabbing the book along the way. I set the book, plate, and glass of wine beside the tub and hung my towel up on the hook. Settling down on the bench I reached for the plate and picked up a few pieces of cheese and strawberries. Grabbing the book I opened it to the last page I had read












Master spoils me as no one has ever done before. Anything I want done to my body he will do to me. Any time, any where, my heart desires he fulfills. My deepest wishes and fondest desires are brought to life under his amazingly, nimble fingers. It was as if the Master could read every thought that went through my head, and seemed to know every where my body needed to be touched. I can't breath without my Master. He is the fire that burns in my soul. Only he knows the depth of my need for him. I yearn for the time I spend tied up and at his mercy. His touch sets me on fire. No matter where we are I will gladly do whatever he asks, even strip down naked and service Master any way possible.


The weight of Master kneeling behind me sends tiny slices of pleasure across my skin. Every muscle in my body tenses as he runs his hand up the inside of my leg. I could feel my juices flow down my inner thigh. Master pulled his hand away and brought his fingers up to my mouth. I sucked Master's fingers deep into the moist warmth of my mouth, licking off my juices and moaning in pleasure as his other hand flicked across one of my nipples. Master is the only one who knows how to tease me and make me scream and yearn for more. I continued sucking on his fingers as I ground myself against him, while whining in frustration. Master pulled his fingers from my mouth and unwound my pearls from around my wrist. 


Slipping the pearls over my head he twisted his hand, tightening my pearls around my neck. The tightening of the pearls caused me to cum so hard it felt as if I exploded into a million pieces. My senses all narrow to a tiny pin point as I wait for Master's next move. I slowed my breathing and heart rate down as I listened in anticipation of what Master was doing. Master's hand moved away from my body as I was rolled over onto my back Master slipped a blindfold, over my eyes and I automatically moved my arms and legs into positions so I could be tied to the bed harness. I positively vibrated at the feel of his cuffs attached to my body, anchoring me down to the bed, I could feel the delightful tickle of a feather flitting across my skin.  Moans and sighs of pleasure flowed from my throat, as the feather flicked across my left nipple the clamps pinched tighter.


A noise outside of my bathroom startled me and I looked up to find a maid standing at the bathroom door holding a robe and telling me I could go to sleep for the night or go downstairs to the party. Suddenly the events of the past 24 hours caught up to me and I wanted to lay down and rest more. Standing up and stepping out of the tub I put down my book to grab the towel so I could dry myself off. Patting my body dry I put down the towel and reached for the robe.  Pulling my hair out of its bun, I shook the tangles loose. After wrapping myself in my robe, I walked over to the bed to find the covers pulled back almost as if the large, luxurious, bed was beckoning me to sink into the soft sheets. Almost immediately I fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning I rolled over and encountered a warm body laying next to me. Clenching my eyes shut, I tensed in fear of who was in bed next to me. The smell of sandalwood and Master tickled my nose and I instinctively relaxed and curled into him. When I opened my eyes again Master was gone and the chambermaid was setting up my breakfast. Sitting up I suddenly wondered whose room I was in. "Excuse me Miss, whose room am I in right now?" I asked the maid out loud. "Oh, Ma'am, you are in the Master's personal chamber,"leading me to a door off to the right of the bathroom, the maid brought me to a room filled to the brim with ladies clothing and accessories. "If you so choose, Ma'am, the Master would like for you to stay the night once more and attend tonight's festivities as his companion."

Mrs. Manza is a full-time submissive little for her Daddy/Dom, Mister Black. Her little side loves coloring and snuggling with her teddy bear.
While her adult side enjoys a good glass of Roscato wine, bondage, and impact play.
Mrs. Manza has been studying and practicing various forms of BDSM for over ten years. 

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