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Genetic Nightmare | The Bio Wars Saga Book One (Preview)


Chapter One


Through science man will discover the very walls of his prison...


The decisions were final. All divisions would be pulled from Earth’s oversight. Only one group would continue to oversee operations. With Earth’s leaders pursuing aggressive particle weapons, it was just too dangerous to continue to protect Earth any longer. All colonies would be withdrawn to a safe distance, then carefully planned patrols would assist but with limited interaction. At least until humans learned their lesson. While this might mean much of the planet could be damaged or destroyed, the lesson was necessary for the human evolutionary path.

Our people had watched over humans for thousands of years. Our leaders had spent many of the recent decades attempting to assist the human evolutionary outcomes but only by offering to assist with positive advancements. Humans leaders would have nothing to do with it, preferring weapons over removal of diseases, military applications over economic equality and stabilization, overbearing eavesdropping of oppression on the population over transparency of government, and the list just went on and on. All the old lower vibratory 3D issues of rape, pillage, greed, and power. Sampling of the population showed that the majority of humans did not agree with most of it but could not seem to find any unity to fix it with all the duality issues of their reality. So our council leaders had determined it was time to step back, let humans learn the lessons from their own errors. Especially seeing how the new developments of particle weapons could affect our species. It was very dangerous and held negative consequences which humans could not understand yet but didn’t seem to care. It appeared that a lot of damage to the planetary systems were being done but no matter how we warned them, they refused to hear us. So, it was time to let humans learn the old fashion way, trial and error. We only wanted to make sure that we did not suffer with them.

We would step back in once it ran its course. In the meantime, we were to pull back to our home dimension. My ship was currently cloaked, preparing to transport the last of our outpost members back to Terra Prime. Our security had just moved the device onboard. My woman, just about to give child birth, carried it onto the bridge. She was required to oversee the secure transport of the energy system first hand. This was the main power supply for our base. Once it was removed, the base would be closed. There would be no going back, at least not to a safe environment. With the power device removed, the cloaking device would disengage. Our Outpost would be observable. Governments would move in to secure the location. This was our cue to leave.

I was the last to board our craft. My job was to secure our cloaking device as all other technology had already been removed. All that would be left to show that we had ever even been here were buildings. While humans would be able to tell the construction was not normal, there would be nothing left to tip them off to exactly who we were and where we came from or where we went to. I placed the intricate device in a small chest of safe keeping. When I arrived on the bridge of my ship, I locked it in a secure compartment there. As I would spend my time in transit there, that was the best place for it. This technology was very powerful. It was my responsibility to make sure it returned to our planet safely. This particular device was more than a cloaking device. It was an artificial intelligent apparatus designed to alter genetics or any other temporal needs. Basically, it could function as a device to cloak a city or it could act as a one man god creator if needed. There wasn’t much it couldn’t do actually.

As I was one of the most powerful of my kind, supporting genetic anomalies and enhanced bio-technologies, I was the chosen protector of our species most powerful technology. My mate also was augmented but in other ways, and she was about to give birth to my first born. We were moving into the atmosphere preparing to make the journey to our home. At the early stages no 3D structures could be nearby, we were required to move into a proper orbiting position before we initiated a temporal shift. Otherwise we would be torn apart by the surrounding matter.

Just as we were about to begin transit, our sensors picked up a hostile force entering Earth’s orbit near us. We recognized it right off, an unauthorized slave trade alliance ship. While the ship appeared harmless enough, I should have known better than to take any chances with the technology we had on board. Instead, I ordered an intercept. I would capture their vessel to hold it for the proper authorities to ensure their failure. After all, we were Earth’s guardians. At least that is how we viewed ourselves. As soon as we got within range of the vessel, it surprised us by opening fire on our ship. Generally no slave trade ship could possibly possess any type of weaponry that could harm our ship, there appeared to be a new sect of slavers. These had weapons we have never seen before and the damage was devastating.

In a moments notice, we were going down, going down hard. Not only had they crippled our ship but all our computer controls were offline. Luckily our ship was designed to handle landings on planets with atmospheres. I felt we might land our craft and call for backup quickly enough. The only problem currently was our communications were also down. My orders were to get all systems back up asap. I took over manual controls to land the craft. We were going down. I took one last look at my woman. I smiled at her as she strapped herself in. No one was prepared for a crash landing. We were all caught off guard. Things were going in slow motion. I wondered if my woman and child would survive. Then I quickly assured myself that it could be no other way. And yet, we were going down. It was like a hazy dream suddenly and in slow motion. As if time had suddenly stretched beyond logic. But all I could think was, we were going down.


Some would say that humanity was highly advanced. Others might say that the story is only beginning, that the human species is a rough gemstone that will take many more years to polish. The greatest minds call our species barbaric, unrefined, and in need of major changes. Then there are the stories of extraordinary events. Alien beings preying on humanity or watching over humanity. The stories are so varied and distorted that divisions of opinion keep it all blaring in a haze of muddied soup. No one seems to know the answers and when someone stands up to tell too much of realistic experiences, our government seems to make them disappear. But one thing is for certain, time continues its path of unrelenting focus. The tick tick tick of the clock.

So we find ourselves in the year 2024 with the american military advanced well beyond public capabilities in the field of genetic research. With most research institutions stagnating on the battlefield of competition, having pursued all the new techniques of gene therapy and enhancement drugs, the military secretly surged ahead. Public companies just did not have the imagination nor the desire to pursue all avenues available. Military needs far exceed the normal loss of limb, alzheimer, cancer or viruses popping up across the planet. Their needs were much greater.

Of course how could most companies know where to look? With the government handling all the exotic situations across the planet dealing with aliens, mythological creatures, and some bordering on religious subjects. As you can imagine, over time, a lot of information of unusual topics accumulated. All hidden well away from the public’s view. No one even considered the idea of discussing research on these extraordinary projects with publicly owned companies. It was just too controversial as it would have called into question so many base beliefs founded in religions and science, not to mention folklore and off world beings.

So quietly behind the scenes government projects were formed. A couple of research teams were created, specialty teams. The primary skills of these teams covered the sciences but each team member were heavily trained in military combat operations. Not only inside work but field work as well. They were required to be extremely talented in both areas. Usually you would think of a scientist as a geek or something but not these teams. They could blow your head off then perform the autopsy. This compartmentalized the whole operation. No need to have a team of scientists and a team of combat military personnel to guard and protect them. But more than that, the places they went required them to have both skills. It was that simple really.

The government kept them very busy. As more incidents of off-worlder missions arose, more and more specimen were being accumulated in laboratory studies exposing their diverse physiology. Soon the research took leaps and bounds in genetic mapping. That knowledge led to greater discoveries applied to human genetic manipulations.

The brightest minds were needed to head up these teams. None could compete with the scrappy blonde Dr. Keri Watts. Standing at a mere five feet tipping the scales with 135 lbs of ferocity, she could easily rip your guts out, stuff them into a beaker, and then spout out some geeky nerd data to make you eww and aww in your pants. She was simply amazing. Even wearing glasses she could mesmerize you with her cat like agility topped with her fluid movements of sexual enticement. A man’s dream come to life. Too bad she was kept hidden away in the quiet corners of the labs most of the time. When off-world specimens were captured, they were delivered to her doorstep for handling.

Dr. Watts’ main concern was turning off-world knowledge into on-world advances or as commonly noted, human genetic manipulations to improve our species. This was what it was all about. She did so love the missions off-base though. Leading a team into the thick of it wound her up. The excitement of it all combined with the need to make the changes she so desperately wanted to accomplish in science made her the ultimate candidate for the project. There was no mistaking that. Yet she basically lived on-base overseeing all the diverse life forms retrieved.

The other team leader excelled in field activities. With his twenty plus years running military ops across every terrain imaginable, none could compete with him. His tactical approach ensured a successful expedition no matter what the environment or encounter. His special operations team were key to the needs of the project. Agent Timothy Ohm could quickly read the situation, scan the terrain, direct the interaction of team members in such a way that it was nearly impossible to fail. That’s why he was in charge of the ground team. Timothy was a stern commander. He required absolute dedication to task.

So when he received the orders to take his team to south america, off he flew. Every time new orders arrived his heart would skip a beat, jar him just a little. The things he would see, the experiences were unimaginable. He couldn’t even consider doing anything else with his life. That would be unacceptable to him, unthinkable. In his spare time he was always training. From martial arts to weapons specialities. He liked to take point on task out in the field. That way he was right in the middle of the action, always taking the most direct and dangerous role. He excelled in his craft. While officially his excuse for taking point was to insure the safety of his team, everyone knew he was addicted to the thrill. They all loved him for it though. He could do no wrong.

The new orders were clear. An off-world craft had crashed. Satellite images showed bodies. Not normal off-world bodies, green lizard humanoids, a first for Timothy. This was what he loved about his job. Today he would meet green lizard men. Well, maybe not meet, it would depend on if any were alive. No intel on that yet. Retrieve all specimens, alive or dead, preferably alive. It didn’t matter though when it came down to it. Everything was studied under a microscope so thoroughly that not a single cell would escape once they were tagged, bagged and sent to Dr. Watts. And that was his job. Bringing live specimen was always the goal. Rarely did he fail there.

They brought the net cannons, the goo bombs, several hunt and grab spider robots and tons of exotic weapons and tools. Each one designed to capture or stop off-world creatures or other dimensional forms projected into our reality. A lot of velcro noises accompanied everyone during prep in transport. It would be dangerous in south america from the natural wildlife as it was. Timothy’s favorite weapon was the stunner. He liked it best because it was a test of skills every time he used it. You had to literally touch the target with it knocking it out with a massive jolt of electricity. All he had to do was touch the target with it. Out like a light usually. There were a few occasions where that didn’t happen. Just made it more interesting for Timothy though.

The teams had access to top secret aircraft. Speed was at their disposal. Super sonic velocity was nothing. They had stealth transports with ionic propulsion systems. It would only be a matter of minutes to arrival. A quick jaunt into the atmosphere with sudden acceleration horizontally found them right over their destination. That was always amazing to experience for the team. Hard to ever get used to moving somewhere that quickly. “Time to lock and load”, Timothy yelled to his team.

Timothy didn’t know what to expect from this species as they had never encountered it before. He ordered electronic thought screeners activated long before they were anywhere near site. Just a precaution he explained. You could never be too safe in these situations. Sure didn’t want to see teammates turning their weapons on each other as some creature took control of their mind. While it was rare, it could happen. That was one of the reasons they had developed non-lethal weaponry early on. While their weapons didn’t disintegrate or destroy things in their path, they were very effective on biological targets. The pulse rifles were the closest thing to causing damage they possessed, yet their purpose in most cases was to keep things off them. It could be devastating to be pummeled by alien hominoids. Sometimes their strength was extreme. One blow could potentially kill.

As the team landed, Timothy set paths for each unit. Taking point he pushed right down the middle. The fastest and direct path. Allowing the other units enough time to move to the sides, he ordered his unit to advance. Smoke could be seen about fifty yards ahead when they slowed their pace. Caution became the primary concern when approaching unknowns. The insects played havoc on them but it would have been worse if not for their repellant. Spread to each side of Timothy were specialist in detecting jungle wildlife. It was imperative that no snake bites or nasty insects with venom would cause them issues. Nothing showed as they crept up on their target. Once the main part of the craft came into view they halted to take in their surroundings.

Timothy signaled the other teams with a push of a button that they had arrived. He received the silent signals on his wrist watch with low light flashes of red and blue. Each of the other teams were in place. Sending more coded messages to the other teams, he informed them to move forward slowly. Timothy could make out a few pieces of the vessel as it had partially broken up on landing. As they drew closer he could see that it was mostly intact except for part of the front section that had broken off. The craft had landed, skidding into a clearing caused by boulders. The boulders had obviously been the cause of most of the damage. You could see a few trees downed as it had come in at a slight angle.

Whoever was piloting had probably tried to land in the clearing not realizing the boulders which made the clearing would do so much damage to their craft. Bad break for them, good break for us. With all the smoke blowing through, it was hard to see the details. As they approached, one corpse was found sprawled across a boulder. It was a lizard humanoid alright. Long tail, scaly green skin, bone like protrusions on its back with slightly human facial features. It had been wearing some form of space suit which had shredded to fall away as it crawled onto this boulder before it died. After an intensive moment of excitement, it was definite, dead. A frothy white-green fluid had oozed out of its mouth. Numerous cuts where more green fluid showed the massive damage it sustained during the crash.

As a precaution, Timothy left one team member to guard the body. You never know, if it came back to life somehow, no sense in letting it surprise us from behind as we advanced on it’s ship. Nearby were found two more bodies in similar states. If one were to guess, they would say the aliens weren’t wearing space suits but only normal type of clothing like humans do. How else could you explain its fragile state. While one of the bodies was still in its clothes, the other two were bare of clothes, plainly showing it to be more decorative than necessary. One of the three corpses appeared to be female while the other two were male. No missing that as the female had blues and yellows as natural coloring on its head, down its back, ending with a flare of red at the tip of its tail. A sure sign of female coloring as attraction indicators which was normal to many reptiles.

Timothy ordered a thorough search around the craft before anyone took the next step to move inside it. He sent teams of two into the surrounding jungle to ensure there weren’t any missing bodies adding orders to secure debris once a grid pattern search of a quarter mile was finished. They were very efficient. Less than thirty minutes to accomplish all goals. Soon they were back. In the meantime all three corpses were bagged up to be transported back to the base. By the time the search team had finished and returned, the transport was already back with backup personnel prepared to secure the ship. Larger transports were on the way to take the whole craft back to base to be studied for technological advances. The normal processes of such excursions.

It was time to move into the craft. They had no idea what would be found inside. There could be more creatures or any form of defense systems. Who knows, the ship could even end up self destructing or something if things went south. The next steps would be crucial in determining the outcome. The front of the craft had a large chunk of it missing on the bottom. While it was dark inside, there was a large hole in it. Obviously, that was where the bodies came from.

Excitement began to rise as they neared the dark hole. In preparation to move inside they had added a lighting rig to their gear. It would shine lights pretty much in all directions around them. This kept their hands free and provided lighting in dark places. Timothy moved in first. You never ask another to do something that you would not do yourself. Yet to prove that meant Timothy was generally the one to go first. But Timothy didn’t mind in the least.

Stepping into the darkness, Timothy’s light brought the control bridge into view. His team spread out to the sides as he hesitated to scope the scene out. It appeared to be vacant of life forms yet it was fully in disarray. Most of the systems were damaged with pieces scattered across the floor. Detecting no movements or life other than his team’s, Timothy ordered his second in command James Burns to proceed deeper into the ship.

Timothy had full confidence in James, having spent years watching him develop his skills. James ordered his team into tactical exploration mode. They carefully proceeded out of the front section down a corridor leading off into the rest of the ship. The ship was a good hundred meters long and probably four times that in width, shaped like the wings of a bird. The front section was a good twenty meters wide at its deepest point having a five meter wide front area. It tapered wider as you would proceed towards the rear.

Timothy ordered his remaining team members to carefully evaluate this control bridge. Gather anything useful to shuttle to base as quickly as possible. They wouldn’t have much time to do a quick search for other life forms or dangers before the main transport team arrived to haul off the craft. The usual business of hiding finds from competing governments and the public. Besides a few handheld devices, they found little to bag up. Once that was completed he took his team to join the other team in searching the ship.

After letting James know his team was moving up from behind, James directed them deeper into the middle section as he had split his team into two units branching one to each side of the craft. A single member was guarding the passageway directly to the rear of the craft. Timothy took his team past the guard who held his position after they passed. Nothing would be able to leave the craft without them knowing. The usual procedure for just these types of situations.

As Timothy’s team moved further in, only finding storage areas with supplies which were mostly still in good shape having only been pummeled a bit from the crash. Luckily they were secured well in containers. No telling what would be found hidden in those. Timothy guessed it was food and medical supplies. After finding some personal quarters with some unusual devices or personal effects, the hallway suddenly ended, opening into a larger cargo bay.

They found what appeared to be cages with lots of animals indigenous to earth. Obviously the creatures were gathering samples from our planet. There were jungle cats, snakes, lots of diverse rodents, different types of deer or antelope, some reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects and many types of plants. They were definitely retrieving samples from our world. Timothy wondered where these beings came from. Another planet or possibly a different dimension. It was hard to say. Just as Timothy’s team had finished securing the cargo area, James’ team released an emergency call for reinforcements.

There appeared to be a live alien. It was putting up a hell of a fight. Timothy offered to bring his team to aid him. The other team had still not finished securing the west section so Timothy ordered them to continue while his team moved to the east section as reinforcements. As they arrived to assist James’ team, they could plainly see the alien had taken down most of James’ team members. It appeared the alien could direct heavy electric shocks into the soldiers from short distances.

The alien itself was drawing electricity from the air, storing it somehow in its own body. Off hand it looked like the fins on its back were the source of storage as you could see that area glow brighter when it discharged into its enemy. The alien was very fast and strong. As team members fired their pulse rifles the creature would dodge. A concussion grenade was thrown back into the team’s vicinity showing the intelligence of it also. Timothy didn’t hesitate. Charging right into the fray, pulling his stunner, even as he tagged the creature you just knew it was not going to work. Not only did it not work but the creature abs