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Manza Monday: Domination: A Tale of Submission, Pt. 5

May 7, 2018

When I woke the next morning I found a letter folded neatly on the pillow beside me on top of a stack of freshly laundered and pressed clothes. 


I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for the actions of last night. I do hope that their actions do not sour your taste for my parties and you continue to come back.
Please accept these clothes as a token of my apologies.


My aunt walked in the room just as I finished reading his letter with a scared look on her face. We had never stayed the night before. We always left when the drums stopped signalling that the nights activities were over. I hope my aunt doesn't get in trouble for this. I got dressed and walked downstairs to find a full breakfast buffet spread out in the dining room. I grabbed a bit of eggs and some bacon and say down to munch. I figured while I was here I could fully explore the grounds.​
Putting my cloak on my white mask fell out of the pocket.
How did it get there?
The maid took it off of my face before she sent me to bed.  She must have stuck it in my bag. Wandering around the garden I got lost in thinking of the events that transpired the night before. My face still ached a small bit where I had been struck, but I had sustained no bruising thankfully. I found the original padded chaise the Master and I had our our last encounter on. I clutched my string of pearls I took with me everywhere I went. I liked to wear them around my left wrist so I could stroke them when I got nervous. The chaise was well covered as was every laying area around the gardens. 


I curled up in the back part of the chaise and pulled the Master's book out of my clutch. I opened it to the last page I had read. 


He truly cares for me. Everything he does when we are together is all about the pleasure he can bring me. Sometimes I wonder what about me was so appealing among the other much more beautiful women around me. From the first moment I met him my life had taken a complete turn. I was no longer this shy woman. Within me lives a fire so hot that only the Master can control. I do not fear being in his capable hands nor do I fear the things he does to me. My skin always shivers around him, so uncontrollable, but welcome. That wonderful feeling keeps me in a constant state of arousal. Every moment I am around him intoxicates me even more. The pearls he gave me as a simple gift never left my wrist. I love the feel of them rolling across my skin. I wear his lock as the ultimate sign of submission to my one and true Master. I look forward to the anticipation of him caressing me awake some mornings. No matter where I sleep, I know that when I wake next he will be right there to show me how much I love submitting to him. The smell of him intoxicates me as he slides into the bed behind me. The smell of musk, sweat, and him whirls around me. I can feel myself getting lost in the feel of his skin as he wraps his hand around my wrist and pull me out of bed. We spend many mornings in the shower while I wash and massage my Master. I run my fingers through his hair and lightly massage his his scalp clean as he moans in pleasure. I scrape my nails across his nipples as i soap him down, gently gliding my hand lower over his abdomen to his hard, throbbing shaft.


​​I feel the padding dip and look up to find the Master staring at me. I closed the book and put it back in my clutch. Without speaking the Master grabbed me off of the lounge and started walking me back to his home. he never speaks to me and it makes me wonder why. I have hears him talk to many others. but when he is around me he never says a word. I yearn to hear his voice as he plays with me in every imaginable way possible. He leads me into the house and downstairs to one of the rooms that had been occupied the night before. I started shaking at the fearful memories that fluttered through my mind. 


As we got to a different door he pushed me up against the hard wood and very gently kissed the spot where I had been hit. I immediately stopped shaking and moaned in pleasure. What about him caused me to forget my insecurities and fears so easily? He opened the door up and dragged me in to sit in a chair against the wall.  

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Mrs. Manza is a full-time submissive little for her Daddy/Dom, Mister Black.  Her little side loves coloring and snuggling with her teddy bear.  While her adult side enjoys a good glass of Roscato wine, bondage, and impact play.
Mrs. Manza has been studying and practicing various forms of BDSM for over ten years. 

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