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Kink Talk: Breath Play

April 25, 2018

What is breath play?  Breath play or breath control play is controlling yours or another persons intake of oxygen.  Plain and simple it is restricting oxygen to the brain for sexual excitement/pleasure.

This includes controlling breathing by choking by hand, using a rope or scarf, or gagging someone with tape, toys, plastic bags.


Is this safe?  Ask anyone involved in kink and they will tell you “no”.  There is always some risk involved in choking yourself or someone else.  This risk includes death.  Many people die from asphyxiation, fact.


Should I play this way?  That is entirely up to you.  I will list some “tips” as well as warnings as many many bad things that can happen.

NEVER asphyxiate yourself  Too much can happen while you are alone that you may need help.

ALWAYS have a safe word when playing with a partner  If the safe word or action is said or done, all play STOPS.

KNOW your limits  Don’t make yourself or let someone else push you to the point of passing out.  Don’t push yourself to the point of turning purple or even red.  If your hearing starts to go out, you are going too far.


There are many dangers to asphyxiation

  • Your tongue could swell and you could choke on it.

  • The larynx is extremely fragile, you could damage and or break it.

  • Brain damage can occur since you are depriving the brain of oxygen.

  • Depriving the brain of oxygen could cause the heart to beat more rapidly, meaning an arrhythmia could occur, heart attack etc.

  • If you are using a bag/tape or even a gag, some people do vomit when being choked. Choking on your own vomit would be a horrible way to go.

  • Allergic reactions are always possible when using anything including toys, bags and or tape.


Do I recommend this type of play to people?  No, I would never tell anyone to do anything that could possibly hurt them. especially if you have never done it. It is dangerous. Are there people who do it? Yes and they love it.  So ultimately the choice is yours.


What are your thoughts on Breath Play?
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