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I’m A Cuckquean: Women Who Like Having Cheating Husbands

June 8, 2018

When it comes to cheating, some men and women are so against it that they probably wouldn't even be able to allow their relationship to last it ever happened to them. But not everything thinks along these lines. In fact, some people encourage it. For the females specifically, this kind of a woman is a cuckquean. They encourage their husbands to have sex with other women. Whereas cuckolds are the opposite (husbands wanting to see someone nailing their wives), the roles are reversed here. Keep reading to find out more about women who like having cheating husbands.


Not cuckolding. There’s a cuckold, and then there’s a cuckquean. With cuckolding, the man wants to see another man have sex with his wife. But with cuckqueaning, a woman wants to see her husband have sex with another woman.


Stable love. Spouses who are in a stable enough relationship may not see something like this as being such a big deal. They love each other. They trust each other. This is a purely physical experience.

Open. Especially these days, couples are becoming more and more open about their sex lives. But if some couples aren’t completely up for having a purely open relationship, this can be almost the next best thing.

Visual stimulation. There’s a reason we all like adult films so much. It’s sexy to look at something. It’s visually stimulating. Cuckqueaning is no different, except now you get to see your man in the action. It’s like half adult film, half reality.


Unusual. There’s something very exciting about doing something that isn’t necessarily the norm. It feels dangerous, it feels wrong and that’s exactly what makes it so sexy to begin with.


Together. As a cuckquean, the woman can engage in everything but the actual sex. That is to say, she and her husband can find someone together, pick her out (so to speak), plan everything… It’s a very “together” situation. Even if the act is together, even though it’s not physical.

Wrong, but so right. To push the boundaries on sex, couples need to feel comfortable with taking things to the next level. There’s need to be a freedom for exploration. In terms of cuckqueaning, no matter how wrong it feels, it’s been agreed upon.


New chapter. The longer you’ve been with your partner, the higher risk you start to run of wearing yourselves out. Sex can become stale and ordinary. But once you’ve been traveling down a particular road long enough, this is a way for you to change routes.


Free passes. She knows that they’ll be together forever, but she also knows that people have urges. You’re not cheating just because you think it’d be hot to f*ck that guy or woman over there. Cuckqueaning makes it a possible. It means she loves and respects her husband enough to think (or fuck) outside the box.

Fly on the wall. As a cuckquean, she gets to see something that most people aren’t supposed to see. She’s a fly on the wall. She’s watching something happen that she’s not a part of, but also sort of is, in a way.


Sexy man. This is her man. She loves him. She adores him. So when she can watch him fuck another woman, she gets to admire him in the act. She gets a whole new perspective on the man she loves.


Exploring. It’s important for couples to try new things in the bedroom. Despite the fact that there are so many “rules” when it comes to what couples should or shouldn’t do, this can be a completely healthy route to take, as long as it’s agreed upon.

Voyeur. Sometimes, it can just be sexy to watch people have sex. It can be especially hot when it’s set up to feel like you’re not supposed to be there. This is an absolute fantasy for some people, and in her case, this is a perfect way to experience it.


The rush. There’s an incredible rush that comes from being caught or catching someone do something that you or they aren’t supposed to be doing. In this case, she can set up the situation to seem as though she’s catching her husband cheating on her, even though it’s planned.


You. Do you think you have what it takes to be a cuckquean?
Not really your scene?
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