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Manza Monday: Domination: A Tale of Submission, Pt. 2

April 18, 2018

Months later I was laying curled up in bed staying in the guest room at my aunt's house. I have had a restless feeling humming through me since the night of the party a few months ago. I could still feel his hands caressing my thighs and ribs. I got up out of my bed and put my robe and slippers on so I could walk down to the kitchen to drink a warm glass of milk. As i wound my way down the staircase, I got lost in thoughts of drumbeats and caresses. My lips tingled as I walked down hallways. I was almost to the kitchen when i heard light moaning and slapping of skin against skin.


I peeked around the corner and caught two of the servants fucking on the counter. I was so aroused watching the slide of skin against skin as he fucked her with the single minded pleasure of a dying man. I watched her face change from one emotion to another as he brought her to the edge and pushed her over multiple times. i was so turned on i slid my hand under my night gown and panties and caressed my slick folds. Running my fingers in and out of my slick channel I pleasured myself until i couldn't stand anymore. I collapsed against the wall and slid down all the while continuing to pleasure myself. I was so caught up in touching myself that I almost didn't hear the couple finish. I hurried away from the doorway, my milk forgotten, and ran back up the stairs to my room. I curled back up under my covers and fell right to sleep.


My heels clacked on the polished stone floor as I ran away from all of the debauchery happening in the music room. I had told myself multiple times that I shouldn't have let my aunt talk me into staying with her through the summer. When i first arrived at my aunt's house she had informed me that she would be taking over all of my dull life from this point on. We were more like sisters since we are only five years apart. My aunt had been born late in lifelong after my gran passed away and my grandfather had remarried my step-gran. Even though I was already twenty-five and had a life of my own my aunt has always been able to get me to do things that I normally would never do.


The night of my first party when I had met the Master I had been wearing a beautiful innocent white mask, while he had been wearing a sinfully gorgeous black mask. Since I was wearing a white mask I was to be left alone by everyone at the party. I was not allowed to be touched in any way. I was merely there to observe everything in its decadent splendor. The black mask signified that he was the Master and host of the party. Everyone was to do as he commanded. Yet the Master and host of the parties had on multiple occasions broke his own rules and came after me a white masked observer. My aunt had come to this party wearing a blue mask to my shock and awe. She informed me that it meant that she could participate in anything she wanted, with whomever she wanted.


I knew he watched every move I had made since my aunt and I had walked in. I remember the look in his eyes as he stared me down at the entrance to the house. I found my way to the study and closed the door to give myself a moment to get composed and slow my breathing and heart rate down. I walked over to the bookshelf and selected the closest book I could find. Maybe reading a book would help calm me. Without looking I picked up a book and sat in the chair by the fireplace. I looked at the title and blushed. Domination a tale of Submission. My curiosity got the better of me and I opened the book.


"I surrender myself fully to my Master. Only he can satiate the need that builds in me every time I lay eyes on him. The moment his mouth kisses the top of my mound, my body immediately explodes in ecstasy." 

I turned my eyes away from the book as my dress became increasingly tight on me. I lurched out of the chair and stumbled my way to the balcony doors. I fumbled with the locks on the doors before finally pushing the doors open wide. I made my way to the edge of the balcony breathing the smokey, fiery air coming from the bonfires lit in the distance. the beating of the drums coming from the fields beat out a staccato rhythm that my heart worked to match. The Master of the house seemed to enjoy having bonfires burning and drums beating in the distance. 


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