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The 10 Most Interesting (& Strangest) Fetishes

March 30, 2018

A paraphilia, or fetish, used to be known as a sexual perversion or deviation, but I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to have fun!  Today I'm going to tell you about ten of the most interesting “Paraphilias” I could find. These are things that people desire or need for sexual arousal, and we're not talking about a little bit of hair-grabbing here. Let's get into it!

Spectrophilia  is the sexual attraction to ghosts or spectres. A Spectrophiliac will fantasize or imagine scenarios involving themselves having sex with ghosts. Throughout history, there are stories of humans having sex with spectres, demons or other otherworldly beings. Apparently some people are trying to bring it back into fashion – as I learned after reading this BuzzFeed article.


This paraphilia takes a whole lot of belief compared to the others I've got on the list (and maybe some imagination, and again, I'm not here to judge). Anyone remember the movie Ghost from 1990? There was a scene involving a ghostly Patrick Swayze, which is referenced in pop culture quite frequently of Swayze and his on camera girlfriend Demi Moore and a pottery wheel. Maybe you're really into the paranormal and this is totally up your alley – get comfy one night with a Ouija board and see what happens! If this has really caught your attention, check out the TV Series “Ghostly Lovers”, where three women tell their extraordinary spectrophilia stories

Formicaphilia  For most of us, the thought of insects anywhere on our body freaks us out – but not for our friend the Formicaphiliac. Oh no, he (or she) loves being crawled on by insects, often directly on his genitals. For him, the tingling or tickling, or slimy application (in the case of slugs), is a complete turn on. A case was described in 2012 of a boy who saw ants encompassing a popsicle stick and he wondered what it would be like if it were his penis instead, so he began to place the ants on his genitals for arousal. He went so far as to use fire ants, as well. I have to wonder if there's anyone out there that would let a bullet ant do this, though, as the sting is rated as the most painful on the Schmidt sting pain index.

Siderodomophilia  As kids, a lot of us found fascination with trains (thanks in part to Thomas the Tank Engine). Sideromophiles may feel aroused when looking at images or videos or trains, when riding in trains, or even when standing near a train. Similar to those who have sex in the bathrooms on aeroplanes (aka the “mile high” club), a Sideromophile may engage in sex in the washroom of a moving train. Some think this may have something to do with the vibrations felt while the train is in motion. Have you ever had sex on a train (or subway car)? I have, but I don't think I would classify myself under this fetish. It was more the idea of being caught, or of simply doing it in an odd place.

Pecattiphilia  I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian household, so many things were sinful. Right down to watching the Care Bears (which were, of course, “of the devil”), so this paraphilia definitely rings true for me. Pecattiphilia involves someone being turned on by sinning or performing an act they believe to be sinful. Religion as a whole often seems designed to disallow people from doing things they would consider enjoyable. Who doesn't covet their neighbour's wife every so often? Some things a Pecattiphiliac would find arousing include sodomy (anal play), same gender sex, or anything relating to the Seven Deadly Sins, outside of Lust (which is obvious).

Odontophilia  For a lot of guys, a blowjob is only done well if there's “no teeth”, but that's not the case for an Odontophiliac. They're turned on by things like leaving an imprint of teeth on the flesh of their partner, to more drastic things like removing their own or someone elses' teeth. Others still enjoy licking the teeth of their partner. I have to wonder how many dentists fall under this category of fetish and if any of them would tell us if they did. The Marquis de Sade wrote about Odontophilia where he described someone named Boniface who was having sex with a woman whose teeth he was pulling out. I don't know about you, but I already dread trips to the dentist, so this is definitely not on my fetish “to-do list”.

Homilophilia  This may give us new cause to go to church on Sundays! A homilophiliac is aroused by giving or listening to sermons. How awkward would it be for a pastor to be standing behind his podium trying to hide a giant (or not so giant) boner? At least he has the podium to hide behind most of the time. The way some preachers get excited on stage talking about their chosen deity makes me wonder just how popular this fetish is. I can imagine some of them waiting until after the sermon to take the wife out back of the church and just go at it. Gives a whole new meaning to being a preachers wife and preaching to the perverted. Perhaps this is why so many people call out the names of Jesus and God during sex.

Nosophilia  These fetishists receive arousal from knowing their partner has a terminal illness. Magnus Hirschfeld, a  physician and sexologist, wrote about Nosophilia. He wrote about men who fell in love and married women who were thought to be terminally ill. The sexual relevance only became evident when the women's miraculous recovery, their husbands became impotent. I can't imagine myself in this scenario (as either party), because if I know someone is ill, I try and do everything in my power to make them comfortable or well (as most of us would). 


Dendrophilia  This paraphilia takes “tree hugging” to a whole new level. Dendrophiliacs are aroused by trees. I have to wonder, however, how many of them also suffer from slivers in uncomfortable places. I found a rather amusing poem on Urban Dictionary about this paraphilia, that begins as follows:

Today, I humped a tree
I had to pee
No place to go but behind a tree
I saw
A hollow knothole
So I said to myself
I’ll give it a go

Apotemnophilia  This paraphilia describes people who are aroused by the idea of losing a limb or having a body part surgically removed. Some people will go further than just the “idea”, they actually develop a body integrity identity disorder (BIID). At this point, they will injure themselves to the point where they will require amputation. There were case studies done in the late 70's about people who suffered (and I do mean suffered) from BIID. It was documented that even after removal of the limbs, the BIID persisted. To me, this is terrifying. To not feel comfortable in your own skin enough that you start to remove parts of yourself. It doesn't appear to be a widespread paraphilia, though, so you likely won't run into someone who has developed BIID.

Emetophilia  This one is hard for me to write about, as I have a deep, deep reversion to it. Emetophilia refers to people who are turned on by vomit – either of themselves or of someone else. I can't even deal with my cat eating too much and throwing up her food, I don't know what I would do with human vomit (aside from creating more). I'm not here to kink shame, though.
You do you. 
It is also called a “Roman shower”, possibly due to a long standing misconception that the Romans had places called vomitoriums to evacuate their stomachs for the purpose of eating more food. 

There are so many interesting paraphilias out there and people who are involved with them, that I couldn't fit them into a top ten (or even top thirty). If you want another top ten, let me know in the comments below.

 Jess Armstrong lives in the cornfields of Southern Ontario, Canada where she's a fulltime procrastinator and loud mouth.  She's also a giant geek, gamer girl, horror movie fanatic and player (and often DM) of Dungeons and Dragons.  You can follow her on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.