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Two-Faced Bitch: Strip Poker NSFW

June 15, 2018

A friend asked me to share her their story.
Names have been changed to protect the horny.


I met Fred's wife, Jan, when they had my wife and I over to their house for an evening of cards, after discovering that we were all addicted to pinochle. All of us got along great and, from the first meeting, I was attracted to Jan.


Over the following year or so, the four of us (and our children) spent a lot of time together and really enjoyed each other's company. 


A month ago Fred and Jan showed up at our place and I noticed immediately that Jan looked different than I had ever seen her. She was dressed much sexier than usual. She wore more jewelry than usual, a black silk choker around her neck, (which really turned me on!), a silk blouse with a FEW open buttons, a short skirt instead of pants (the first time I had seen her in a skirt and hose) and high heeled, ankle-strapped shoes.


We sat and talked before playing cards, as was our usual custom, except that the conversation (sans children romping about) was more sexually oriented. My wife and Jan disappeared into our bedroom, after a while; Jan asking to see some article of clothing that my wife had recently purchased.


Fred and I talked but I noticed that the girls were away for what seemed an awfully long time. When they emerged, Fred's eyes almost came out of his head! My wife had changed her outfit to more approximate Jan's. She, too, had added jewelry, a dressier blouse (equally revealing!), a short skirt, hose and high heeled shoes. She winked at me and said that she had felt "frumpy" after looking at Jan.  It made perfect sense to me!


After several hours of pinochle, Fred asked if we played poker, to which we answered in the affirmative. We played several hands when Jan suggested that we should make the game more interesting by playing "FOR something". We all agreed and started to discuss monetary stakes. Fred, laughingly suggested strip poker and, to my amazement and delight, my wife said, "We've never played that. How does it work?"


The "rules" that we agreed to beforehand were that the dealer could pick the game of poker and there was only one winner per hand.  All three losers had to remove one article of clothing. We all agreed that that sounded fair except "what if someone had more articles of clothing than someone else?" and "could jewelry be considered an article?", etc. We settled on the fact that all players must have only six articles of clothing. Shoes, socks, pantyhose, and so on would be one article and jewelry didn't count.


As to how long it took, I'm not sure because after every hand there was a lot of horseplay and joking around. We were having a great time! But when the girls got down to removing an article of their clothing, they were very sensuous about it. It became an unspoken battle between them: who could "strip" more sensuously, and my friend and I encouraged them. When Jan got down to her very skimpy bra and panties, I was just about hyperventilating! She is about five foot even around 100 lbs., olive-complected and raven-haired. She is a real contrast to my wife, who is 5'6", 120 lbs., blonde and very fair-skinned. Both women are beautiful, but Jan's body really excited me. The girls had seemed a little apprehensive up to this point, but when Jan removed her bra, that disappeared as she proudly revealed a beautiful pair of breasts with large, very dark nipples.  I couldn't believe my luck... one of those 'being in the right place at the right time' things. 


My wife then revealed her own great breasts with their lightly-colored nipples. On the next hand, both ladies were required to shed their panties, leaving them completely naked. I was down to my under-wear and my friend had only LOST his shoes, socks and shirt (I STILL think he was cheating!).


My friend and I complimented, extravagantly but truthfully, each others wife's bodies. Both girls seemed to enjoy the attention immensely and seemed comfortable. The girls convinced us to finish undressing and then we all sat around the table, naked, enjoying the view, with both of us guys showing our raging hardons. The girls conversation was mostly about each others sexual preferences as they eyed our obvious excited bodies.


After a while, Jan got up and started whispering, back and forth, with my wife. My wife eventually nodded approvingly and Jan walked over to me, stood poised sensuously before me, totally exposed, for a few seconds, then took my hand and led me to my den, saying only, "Come on, lover." I saw my wife leading my friend to our bedroom. What followed was my first sexual encounter with another woman since being married! My orgasm was so intense that it actually hurt. Jan's body was such a turn-on, they way she had of squirming under me, wiggling as I ploughed her. We actually both came at the same moment. This moment could have been the best sex of my lifetime.


After Jan and I were finished with a beautiful combination of oral and straight sex, Jan suggested that we join Fred and my wife.When we entered the bedroom, I saw my wife on all fours on the bed with Fred entering her from the rear (my wife loves "doggy style"!). I got turned on all over again and nearly lost it when Jan whispered in my ear, "What do you think of my husband, fucking your wife, right in front of us?"


I grabbed Jan, threw her to the king size bed alongside Fred and my wife and started all over again, saying, 
"Why don't you ask your husband what he thinks about me screwing his hot little wife?"


After all of us were done, we lay in the bed, talking of how wonderful it all had been. It was at that point that my wife told me that Jan and her had set this all up while in the bedroom earlier in the evening! 

It was, without a doubt, the most exciting night of my life!

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