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Battle of the Brat: Bride's Wedding Day Bliss NSFW

April 2, 2018

I attended a wedding reception with my boyfriend who was a fraternity brother of the groom. The event was at the home of the bride's parents in an exclusive neighborhood in upstate New York. It was fascinating to move among all these polite and well-dressed people. I come from a much more earthy part of town.


We slowly walked down the receiving line as introductions were made and hands were shaken. I'd never remember all those names and faces. I remember thinking to myself how beautiful the bride was:
Blonde in satin and lace.


When we were introduced and shook hands, electricity sparked. She and I were both a little shaken by the experience. If the tremor that went through my body was the same as touched hers, I knew I had to act on it. Looking her directly in the eyes, I thanked her for being invited. She said she hoped to talk to me later during the reception.


Sure enough about thirty minutes later as I was stepping away from the champagne fountain, she approached me. I told her that her parents home was beautiful. She said that she had to go freshen up and would I like to see the upstairs as she did so. I walked up the stairs with her making small talk.


She led me to her bedroom and locked the door behind us.   I was all over her in a flash. I took that pretty blonde head between my hands and pushed my tongue down her throat.   She moaned in ecstasy, she had been just as hot for me as I had for her.  As she spread her legs, I reached down and under all that satin and lace and found her pussy.   I rubbed her hard as she screwed her ass against the door.   I put my hand inside those little lace panties and made contact with her hot flesh. The panties held my hand in place as I finger-fucked her to an orgasm. My tongue was still ravishing her mouth as she came, and she wasn't being passive at all, as she came she grabbed my breasts through the material of my blouse and started to aggressively massage them with both hands.


I eased my fingers from her pussy and licked them clean in front of her, as she watched. Leading her to a bed, I pulled up the back of her wedding dress and draped it across the bed and eased her down and back. I had her raise and hold the front of the dress up as I found her lace-clad pussy with my tongue. I sucked her pussy lips through the lace as she screwed against my mouth. She came again in record time. 
Oh! the taste of her!
I was in love! 
I was sucking her pussy and that's all that mattered. I could feast on her forever.


I pulled the little lace panties to one side and sucked her clit. She bucked and thrashed and came yet again in very little time. This sweet bride was hot and I was not yet finished with her. I tore the little lace panties at her slit, stuck my tongue through the hole into her pussy  and  gently licked her insides.   She screwed my tongue as she moaned. I  plunged my tongue deeper into her pussy over and over, fucking her.  


I forced myself from between her legs and under her dress. I looked down at the lovely bride that I had fucked on her wedding day even before her husband did.  She was rosy and glowing and looked very satisfied.  I joined her at  the other end  and kissed her long and hard. Leaving her to freshen up, I slipped through the bedroom door back to my date.


Her mother, who looked remarkably like her, stopped me at the bottom of the stairs to ask me if she was all right. She had seen us going upstairs on her way to the kitchen with the caterer. My pussy tingled as I licked my lips lightly and said she was great.



Our eyes met and held several times during the rest of the reception. The glow that I had put on her face was still there as she moved among her guests. When she sets up her household after the honeymoon, I hope she invites me over for tea. There are all kinds of wonderful things I can do with her minus all the lace and satin and things.


"If you want do anything worthwhile today, 'do it' with a woman, by a woman, to a woman."


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