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Adult Actresses Allege Onset Assaults

March 16, 2018


Adult Actresses Leigh Raven and Riley Nixon released a more than hour-long YouTube video detailing two different incidents of alleged abuse on adult sets.  The allegations are against male performer Rico Strong, and  a director who goes by the name Just Dave.
It’s a long watch but it includes accusations of  misleading booking practices, excessive face-slapping and choking, and boundary violations.

Strong and Just Dave have both responded

Just Dave responded via Twitter DM to Jezebel that he has six hours of unedited footage of the shoot with Raven and it “does not match what she is claiming.” He says he has provided the footage to police and plans to release it publicly “soon enough.”



Only time will tell how this situation will play out but the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry’s trade association, promised to look into the allegations and said,  “We have been shocked and outraged hearing accounts of performers who say they have suffered abuse, consent violations, deception and assault on the Just Dave set. A performer’s control over their own body is an inviolable principle of this industry. Violating consent is not only unethical, it’s criminal.”




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