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Four Reasons to Join Ménage Life at Sin City 8

Last week I had an opportunity to chat with Bobbi Butterfli about Denver-based Ménage Life's eighth annual Las Vegas Hotel Takeover, Sin City 8.  from May 30 to June 3 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Resort.  The event will also feature an attempt to break the previously held largest orgy world record.  Classes can and have included BDSM 101, Intro to Spanking, Blowjob Lovers, and Cunnilingus.

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Tell us about your experiences with Ménage Life and the Sin City events?

I have been involved with Sin City since Sin City 5. I started as a volunteer.  I worked a couple of shifts checking people in and being a room floater.  [I made] sure the play rooms were kept clean, safe, and that all the people were e having fun.  All Sin City guests are greeted with open acceptance and a smile. It's the goal of Ménage Life to make everyone feel welcome.  There are people stationed at the door and wandering the event to help make sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time. We try to make sure that no one comes in with expectations other than a fun and sexy party.
When I started with Sin City I was still relatively new to the Lifestyle. My partner (at the time) and I were interested in meeting more people and being a part of the community.  I learned that the team of Ménage Life have a unique way of hosting events so that they feel sexy, inclusive, and like a real community.  Ménage Life provide condoms, lube, bottled water, and clean sheets in the play rooms to ensure that there are clean and safe play spaces.

Is your event safe and who can we expect to meet?
Consent and comfort are our number one priorities. All Ménage Life events are relaxed and open.  A new guest should expect incredible parties, freedom of expression, sexual freedom, and an accepting community made up of people from all over the world.
Sin City 7 had guests from Singapore, Germany, Canada, Philippines, and all over the US.
There are a lot of fetishes represented. We actually work with a Las Vegas Leather club to bring extra BDSM and kink furniture and toys to the event.  In years past we've had Foot Fetish, fire play, knife play, flogging, and more.

What other events Ménage Life involved with?
We are in Vegas annually for Sin City and have other events throughout the year.
Each month in Denver (where we're based out of) we have a First Friday event that is a bar takeover for Lifestyle only.  First Friday is two parties in one, Clothes Off Karaoke and Ecstasy.  These two events happen at one location and do not have play.  It's more a mixer with dancing, karaoke, and community.

What's been your takeaway since you first joined the Lifestyle?
That sex is not the reason to join the Lifestyle.  The sex is great, don't get me wrong, but it's a tiny part of the Lifestyle.  To me, the Lifestyle is about community. It's an open and accepting group of people that have one main thing in common: 
They don't fit into some type of social norm.

Whether it's polyamory, kink, fetish, swinging, or any other type of nonstandard view on sex and sexual practices; we all need to find somewhere to be able to be ourselves.

The only restrictions are:

You must be 21 and Single Males need to be approved. If you're a single male and want to come to Sin City please message us on MénageLife.com, Facebook, or Kasidie. 

Single females, mixed couples and triples and groups are more than welcome.

Passes for single females are $25 (Price are subject to change)

Passes for couples are $195 (Price are subject to change)

For group rates and male exceptions contact Ménage Life

Prices do not include hotel stay

Anyone wishing to participate in the record breaking orgy can fill out an interest form

Use promo code "AfterDark" at checkout


As with any sexual event:

Voluntary clearheaded verbal consent is the rule

NOT a suggestion

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