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The Triple is the New Couple

January 24, 2018

The shameless threesome share a super-kingsize bed, take it in turns to cook dinner and have romantic date nights together — and both women claim they rarely get jealous of the other.


They are so convinced their polyamorous — or multi-partner — relationship will last that they have just celebrated the birth of their first child together, and say two mums are even better than one.


Brooke Shedd, 26, who gave birth to son Dante two months ago, and Jane Shalakhova, 25, will both be “mum” to the newborn, while Adam is thrilled to be dad.


And in a comment that will shock most ordinary people, he insists: “We’re just like any other family, except in ours there’ll be one dad and two mums.


“There are a lot of reasons why I prefer it. Who wouldn’t want to have two girlfriends, first of all?


“When we get into bed I always want to be in between them. It feels like the ultimate dream for any guy.


“The sexual encounters we have as a trio are amazing, much better than any I’ve had in a pair.


“When you’re in a relationship with multiple people there’s no pressure or stress, you get lots of different points of view and spend time with two amazing people.”


Jane, a photographer, was the last to join the relationship two years ago, a year after Brooke and Adam fell for each other.


She says: “I’d never been in a polyamorous relationship before but with Brooke and Adam it feels so natural.


“Imagine you meet your soulmate, then multiply that by two. It’s twice the love, twice the attention, twice the help, twice the sex.”


While full-time mum Brooke says she loves her two partners, she admits it can get complicated.


She says: “When Adam and I got together, picking up girls together was something we really enjoyed and bonded over.


“This is the first polyamorous relationship for me, which is incredibly scary and exciting.


“I don’t necessarily believe that three is better than two. It takes a very particular mindset and desire to please your partners and make a relationship like ours work.


“But the three of us together are unstoppable.”


Adam, 34, had little success with women in his younger years in East Ham, East London, and recalls: “At secondary school I was voted the least likely to get a girlfriend.


“I thought no girl would ever want me so I became a nerd who sat at home playing video games.”


But when he was 25, after two short relationships, he decided to learn how to pick up women.


He says: “I started reading about pick-up artists and using psychology to make yourself more attractive.


“I would practise by standing in Leicester Square at lunchtime, trying to get girls’ phone numbers.


“It worked and really built my confidence. In a few months I was sleeping with women I could only have dreamed of back at school.


“I became so good at seducing women I quit my job and became a dating coach. I was dating 14 girls at the same time.”


But within two years he had grown tired of the single lifestyle and yearned for a stable relationship. At a London nightclub in 2007 he met Alexandra*, five years his junior, and they fell in love.


After dating for a year, they got married and started a new life in Alexandra’s native Texas.


Adam says: “Our life together was a traditional, monogamous marriage. She’d bake cookies while I’d sit in my office and work.”


But after three years things began to sour and in a bid to save their marriage, they decided to give polyamory a try. This meant they could have other sexual partners besides each other.


He says: “We thought it would spice things up and we’d have a better chance of staying together.


“It worked at first — we’d sit on the sofa and talk about the fantastic sex we were having with other people.”


After two years of polyamory Alexandra suggested Adam sleep with their friend Brooke.


He says: “I liked her and after we slept together we started spending more time together. I knew it was more than just sex.”


Bisexual Brooke agrees and says: “I’d always liked Adam and within a few months I was in love with him.”


He stopped sleeping with all other women and in 2012 he ended his marriage. He says: “Brooke and I were in love, and Alexandra and I decided to separate.


“I moved in with Brooke and her son Oliver, and we were happy.”


Even so, neither wanted a monogamous relationship and brazen Brooke says: “I loved Adam but didn’t want to stop seeing other women.


“He and I worked as a team, picking up girls to have sex with together.


“The first time we slept with another woman was at a strip club where we picked up the hottest stripper there.”


The couple continued having casual threesomes until they met Jane in a nightclub in April 2013.


Brooke says: “There was an immediate spark with her. I knew sex could have happened that first night but we really liked Jane and didn’t want to push her.”


Jane, who is bisexual but had only been in monogamous relationships, says: “I loved how there was no pressure when I met Adam and Brooke.


“We flirted and although I’d never experimented with polyamorous relationships before, they were so friendly, I figured I’d give it a go.”


The three met for dinner soon after and on their third date they had sex. After a few more dates they had all developed feelings for each other.


Adam says: “We took things slowly at first but things really blossomed and it was way more than just sex. We never had a conversation about a relationship, it just happened.”


Three months later Adam and Brooke introduced Jane to Oliver. Brooke says: “He loved Jane from the get-go. I knew we could be a happy family together.”

Early last year Adam, Brooke and Oliver moved in with Jane in Los Angeles and defiantly insist it is the best thing they have ever done.


Adam says: “We’re just like any typical family. We wake up in the morning, Brooke cooks breakfast and Jane makes fresh juice. We eat together before I head off to work.”


Brooke says: “Jane and I look after Oliver and Dante in the day, and in the evenings play video games while Adam cooks.”


Jane, who is originally from Russia, says: “We have a California king-size bed because a double isn’t big enough to fit all three of us.”


Brooke adds: “We make sure everyone gets time together so every pair has a set date night.


“Jane and Adam go to an art gallery date on Tuesday, then Jane and I have a romantic evening on Thursday.


“We have sex in individual pairs as well as a threesome. Yes, there is some jealousy, same as any relationship. We’re just more open about it.”


‘Dante will call me Mat, the Russian for Mum’


Adam says: “Half of marriages end in divorce, so most kids end up with more

than two parents anyway.”


Jane says: “I love being there to raise Oliver and Dante, they give me so much joy and happiness. Dante will call me Mat, the Russian word for Mum, so he can distinguish between us. I never feel jealous that Brooke is the biological mum.”


Brooke says: “Our families are happy for us. There are a few people in our lives who are uncomfortable talking about our relationship but they are still happy for us.”


Adam says: “At the moment, we don’t have plans to get married. I don’t think I want that again.”


But there may be more babies joining the happy family. Jane says: “I will have kids in the next few years. Caring for Dante’s been good practice. I know Brooke and Adam will be there for me when I’m pregnant.


“Two is always better than one, both domestically and sexually.”