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Fascist America: 2018

January 3, 2018

Sounds like the beginning of a dystopian science fiction movie, doesn't it?
Well, if it seems like it, that's because it's where we are right now.  A friend of mine commented recently that our nation resembles a John Carpenter film.  As we look back at the year 2017 it all feels like some Hellish fever dream so monstrous in its scale that the human mind falters trying to grasp it.  We all watched as Donald Trump bullied the prime minister of Australia, threatened Mexico, North Korea and the city of Chicago with military action.  We heard as he thundered away at the media who daily (often hourly) uncover his endless lies.  We watched as Trump degraded the Americans living in Puerto Rico for daring to ask for help because they were and still are dying.  We watched as he tried to comfort the Gold Star widow of Sergeant LaDavid Johnson and not only ended up calling her a liar but then having that lie exposed by the witnesses who were present including Representative Frederica Wilson of Florida

To call the Clockwork Orange a failure is to redefine both the words "failure" and "understatement".  Many have said that Trump is clearly unqualified and they are too generous.  Trump is not qualified to manage a Wendy's™.  Trump is not qualified to wash cars for a living.  He's an unapologetic sexual predator who should not be allowed to roam free and a traitor who cannot be trusted even to keep Top Secret information in the Oval Office from his Russian puppet masters.  To say that Trump is dangerous is merely stating the obvious.  His presence has caused actual damage and actual death.  The current death toll in Puerto Rico is estimated at over a 1,000, a story that has largely been under reported.  The damage that has been done to this nation due to climate change related floods in Texas and wild fires in California is rapidly approaching what we typically waste annually on the military.  But as if all this wasn't enough, at a time when the economy is booming thanks to eight years of Obama cleaning up the mess made by Bush 43, the GOP have decided to give the rich massive tax breaks that will blow up the deficit and cripple the suffering poor and middle class even more. 

Democrats need to take both the House and the Senate this year.  It seems appropriate that every American born at the dawn of the third Millennium will be able to vote.  For the first time voices of the 21st Century will be able to address some of the worst evils left over from the previous century.  If you have a teenager or know one that will be eligible you NEED TO GET THEM REGISTERED NOW. 

Do not wait.
This is too important to put off until another day.  This is not merely about Net Neutrality, killing the border wall, saving Planned Parenthood or police accountability and #BlackLivesMatter.   It is about ALL OF THOSE THINGS AND MORE.  We cannot allow ourselves to forget that Trump is a white supremacist only too happy to surround himself with white supremacists including his Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  We cannot allow ourselves to forget that 19 women have now accused Trump of sexual misconduct and sexual assault and that one of them has pressed charges.  We cannot forget that Trump's own son conspired with the Russians to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and that Trump's own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, committed espionage against the United States when he tried to make an illegal back-channel to Moscow through the Russian embassy. 

Above all of this we cannot allow ourselves to forget the GOP, who have been completely compliant with the fascist inclinations of Trump.  

When Trump was proven to have the morals of a pedophile they did nothing.
hen Trump was shown to have multiple financial ties and personal connections to a nation state that still operates against our interests they did nothing.
When Trump endorsed alleged child-molester and confirmed twice fired judge Roy Moore they ended up giving Roy more than $100,000 for his campaign after the allegations started coming to light.

We can no longer regard Trump and the GOP as merely the opposition.  They are the mortal enemies of democracy and decency.  They are the evil that never rests.  They laugh while the poor die in the streets and make excuses for Trump's most idiotic blunders almost daily. We  need to stop pussyfooting and see these bastards as they always were: 
Sexist, racist religious fanatics more than willing to overlook sexually assaulting children as long as it means being in charge and lining their already over-stuffed pockets. 


There is no room anymore for lukewarm moderation.  Either you're with the Blue Tide or the Nazis. November 6th of this year will determine the fate our nation.
Where will you stand?


"A drug person can get used to seeing things like their dead grandmother crawling up their leg with a knife in her teeth.  But no one should have to handle this trip."  

Hunter S. Thompson
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971)


Rocketed from the doomed planet Oklahoma, Daniel landed in California and discovered that under a yellow sun he was granted the powers of sarcasm, brevity, skepticism and critical thinking.
He lives in his Fortress of Solitude with his son, girlfriend, and lousy wifi connection monitoring the culture and reading Nietzsche.  When not writing, he runs The 37th Realm of Existence and Progressives Against the #Trumpocalyse.
His hobbies include Japanese porn, foreign films and the works of Alan Moore.

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