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10 Sex Tricks To Try At Least Once

November 24, 2017

Even the most sexually confident person in the world won’t know everything there is to know about sex and there’s always a new sex trick to try - unless they’ve slept with every person on the planet. 

We all like different things, it’s what makes sex so exciting, but it’s easy enough to get used to what you like and stick to it. So we thought it’s about time we gave you girls some inspiration for something friskily fresh.

Relationships expert Rebecca Lowrie walked us through the tips and tricks that every guy and girl need to try at least once in their lives. 

She says: “Whether you’re in a sexual relationship with yourself, one special long-term lover or many lovers, it’s a good idea to be open to trying new things. Even if you think you know exactly what you like sexually and it’s always worked for you, you just don’t know what other pleasures you might be missing out on if you don’t try something new once in a while.” 

So channel that tri-sexual spirit and see what could be your new favourite move.

Sex Outdoors
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s nothing like being outside bangin’ in your birthday suit. 

Rebecca says: “There is nothing quite like feeling the elements on your body as you’re getting your sexy on. Whether it’s hot & sunny, or even a bit rainy, summer is a great time to try sex outdoors. 

“You could sneak off to your favorite spot in nature and take your chances in a secluded spot, or be slightly more private in a tent somewhere.”

Just make sure you're somewhere slightly secluded - you don't want to get arrested.

Sex with someone of the same sex
Yes we expect a few eyebrows raised at this one but Rebecca says you should re-think your initial recoil.

“Although you might know which gender you prefer to sleep with, aren’t you just a little bit curious what it might be like to be with someone of your own sex? 

“Exploring someone’s body that is similar to yours can be electrifying and even educational as well as opening you up to erotic pleasures you’ve never tried before!” she says. 

Our only advice is that if you’re going to try a threesome with your partner think carefully about whether you can handle the consequences on your relationship.

Try some Tantra
A lot of people write Tantra off as weird but really it’s an incredible way to boost your sex life if you just put the effort in. 

Rebecca says: “Tantra isn’t just fluffy feathers and luxurious touch, it’s a way of totally reframing sexuality into something sacred, ecstatic and mind-blowingly amazing! 

“Read up about it, take some classes or see a private professional to make your sex life deep, meaningful and full of pleasure beyond what you might imagine.” 

Even if you do it once or just try some Tantra inspired moves, it’s something we definitely recommend adding to your sexual CV.

Yeah, yeah, Fifty shades - yawn. There is so much more to bondage than E. L. James ever could describe, so really, you need to try it for yourself. 

Rebecca says: “Bondage is something you can’t quite fully understand until you try it. It can be deeply erotic and relaxing. Being bound and unable to move actually feels liberating and wildly freeing.” 

You don’t have to jump right in at the deep end either says Rebecca. 

“Begin with some sex toys designed for beginners and if you like it, get more educated with books or even classes.”

A quick slap on the bum can result in one of two ways. Either a swift swat to his face, or things getting a whole load more exciting downstairs.

Rebecca says that to add spark to your sex life, nothing is as quick and effective as a bit of spanking. 

“Spanking has been an erotic pastime ever since the Victorians did it in their posh parlours. Some people like to role-play spanking into a domination/submission scene where someone is being ‘punished’. 

“However you don’t have to add the D/S element to enjoy spanking. It can add a bit of excitement or zing to your usual sexual exploits,” she says. 

You just need to know how to do it properly, so Rebecca advises starting slow on your fleshier areas and progress from there. Just try out our very own tips. 

“Start soft and work up to harder impact. See how it feels to give and receive spankings - you might just love it!”

Dirty talk
You either love talking dirty or you don’t. The only dead cert is that you’ve got to give it a try! 

Rebecca says: “There is just something deeply delicious about talking dirty with your partner while you’re doing the deed. Maybe it’s because of the stigma society attaches to sex and body parts or just that it feels good to relax and let it all out.”

But don’t just go in and let it all out straight away, there’s a technique to testing the waters. 

“A good way to start talking dirty, if you’re not sure, is to tell your partner just what you’d like them to do to you or what you’d like to do to them, as graphically as you can. Tell them how you want them to feel and where you want them to feel it!” she adds.

Yes being able to call people on the other side of the world, find your location in a second and access the Internet at your every whim are why the mobile phone is great.

But we think the fact that you can send filth to your other half no matter where you are is probably the best thing about it. 

Rebecca says: “One of the wonders of the modern world is being able to send someone a quick thought without getting caught up in a long conversation. This type of communication is just perfect for some sexy flirting and a great way to practise the dirty talk mentioned before!” 

There’s also the option of pictures and videos but we’d be pretty careful about getting into those.

Dressing up
Rebecca says: “Adding sexy, fun clothing or costumes are a great way to add variety and excitement to your sex life." 

This isn’t just about playing to his fantasies either. Getting all dressed up in some drop dead gorgeous lingerie can be exactly the kind of sexual lift you need. 

“Sexy clothes or lingerie can boost your confidence and bring out the sex god or goddess in you, not to mention getting your lover all hot and flustered!” Rebecca adds.

Sharing fantasies
When you’re in a relationship with someone, sometimes you can get more than you bargained for. 

Knowing their weird ticks and crazy way of thinking is all part of why you love them, but sometimes it’s good to get them to open up another way as well - we mean sexually. 

Rebecca says that sharing your deepest, darkest fantasies is a lot more than the kick you get from playing them out, it’s about sharing something with your partner too. 

“Fantasies are a creative way to keep your sex life fun and interesting. Fantasies can be as simple as having sex in a daring place to something more elaborate that involves costumes and props. Fantasies are a great way to explore different parts of yourself and your partner too,” she says.

Sex in the shower
Rebecca says: “Being immersed in water or feeling it running all over your body adds all kinds of sensuality to a sexual experience.” 

So if you’ve never slipped into the shower while your partner was rinsing himself off, now’s the time to get all soaped up and go for it. 

“Whether you take the time to have a romantic bath together with candles, bubbles and music or have a quickie in the shower, you’ve got to try one of these at least once in your life!” she says.