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Trump Versus The Dreamers

September 4, 2017

Things have been going very badly for President Pussy-Grabber as of late. North Korea called his bluff, fired missiles directly over Japan, and Trump did absolutely nothing; proving to the world that he's a pitiful blustering paper tiger that was always all talk.  His tour of the ruins in Texas were both a national and an international embarrassment as he boasted before a mass of American refugees: "What a crowd!"
Trump also tried to renew his efforts to build his Wall, claiming drugs "are pouring in across the border".  Sounds great except that he was contradicted by his own DEA two years ago, who reported recently that the majority of drugs arriving illegally don't emanate from Mexico nor are they "muled" across a  border, but arrive in bulk by boat and plane.  A majority of the drugs are flowing through Florida from South America.  So, big surprise, he lied again.  

As it happens, estimates for the damage done by Hurricane Harvey have already exceeded $180 billion, about 1% of the nation's 2016 GDP.  There aren't enough funds for his racist monument, and, as it stands, there may not be enough money to restore Houston and Corpus Christi

Given Trump's hatred of anyone not white, it comes as no surprise that he would eagerly take the Executive ax to DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program instituted by President Obama via executive order since the equally racist GOP leadership refused to work with an African-American President.  Being the coward that he is, I'm not surprised that Trump chose a Sunday in the middle of a holiday weekend while most of the nation is distracted by the aftermath of Harvey.  True, there is a six month delay and doubtless he did that to make it seem less harmful, but we need to be clear:  
This is an all-out racist attack on more than 800,000 people who are now being regarded as criminals under this administration.  It should also come as no surprise that white supremacist Jeff Sessions, oath-breaker and current Attorney General pushed for this.  
Given Trump's own inclinations I don't imagine he had to push very hard to create another criminal class, but one can be directly funneled into flourishing private prison industry and it's stock holdings.

It is not an exaggeration to say that what is happening to Hispanics in America isn't that far removed from the early actions taken by the Nazis against the Jews and other social and political minorities with the passing of the Nuremberg Laws.  By attacking both DACA and continuing to push for his Wall, Trump is really doing is following the agenda of white supremacists who wish to establish a white hegemony within the United States that would force all people of color eventually into a permanent second class status. This is being done on many fronts from direct disenfranchisement, threats of deportation, harassment and intimidation by law enforcement, and occasionally outright hostility from white nationalists and those who sympathize with them.

We cannot ignore that Trump himself is a Nazi sympathizer and so far in league with white supremacists that when David Duke praised him Trump never bothered to denounce him or say anything that would distance him from the fascists who see him as their champion.
Why wouldn't they?
He proudly displays the portrait of Andrew Jackson, perhaps our most racist president, in the now gilded Oval Office. 

I have to wonder, honestly, how many people that have been living here as citizens with jobs who pay taxes and have families will have to go into hiding. What's next?
Will Trump order the construction of camps to intern people where they can be concentrated so as to more easily keep tabs on them?
What were those called again?
Never mind. As long as the rest of us sit quietly on the sidelines of history I'm sure everything will be just fine America

"Men do not learn much from the lessons of history, and that is the most important of all the lessons of history."

Aldous Huxley

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