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Trump: The Beast and Bethlehem

August 28, 2017

As I write these words, the city of Houston is enduring the worst flooding in it's history.  It's too early to even begin to determine the number of fatalities and CNN (known to Trumpians as Lügenpresse) is reporting that there were over 56,000 911 calls in the Houston area over a 15 hour period.  Texas as a whole is suffering under more than 300,000 power outages.  Wind gusts as high as 132 mph flipped cars and flattened buildings.  Photos of some towns resemble the sad pictures of Hiroshima after the atom bomb was dropped in 1945.  And where in all of this is the President?
Or should I say the "President" since he will always and forever be the only chief executive in quote marks.
I'll tell you where he is:  On Twitter bitching about his Wall.  He's whining about NAFTA.  He announced that he'll be visiting Texas this Tuesday.
Has no one told him the golf courses aren't open due to... You know... The fucking hurricane?

When the worst hurricane since Sandy was getting ready to hit us like an alien army in a Roland Emmerich movie, Trump was busy freeing a racist sheriff guilty of human rights violations and forcing the military to attack transgendered service persons.  
How many more abuses of power and lunatic decisions does this discount Caligula have to make before people start rioting in Washington to demand his immediate impeachment and imprisonment?
He's already done enough to get 10 presidents kicked out and the GOP continues to sit as impotently as any of Trump's own sycophantic staff.  I admit I've never liked Republicans but the one thing I never assumed about them was spinelessness.  Their complete and total cowardice in the face of a fascist like Trump makes me see now for the first time how the Weimer Republic collapsed as easily as it did before Hitler and his brown shirts, and they didn't even have Tiki torches.

With Texas now suffering under the kind of weather one rarely finds outside the pages of the Old Testament are we really surprised that Trump has failed yet again?  
That he's shown zero leadership, concern or compassion?
Trump has never cared about the peasants and if they drown or die of disease it's of no consequence to him.  He's too busy feeling sorry for himself and too angry at the world for not loving him enough.  Just remember that when millions of lives were being threatened by Hurricane Harvey, Trump was much more concerned about freeing a hated fellow racist and going after a minority group he actually promised to protect on camera more than once.  At this point there is no one anywhere that Trump has not betrayed other than Joe Arpaio and Barron, his youngest son. 

If the last few days have shown us anything it is that Trump's ego is so fragile that he can't stand not being the center of attention.  So much so that he decided last Friday to upstage an entire goddamn hurricane in the news cycle before the weekend.  Americans are now going to see first hand what allowing this man to be in charge will cost in body count.  His pathology and incompetence will cost the people of Texas more dearly than Katrina did Louisiana.  
How many will have to suffer, bleed and die before anything is done to purge us of the cancer that is Donald Trump?
You tell me, America.


"Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, 
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world ,
The ceremony of innocence is drowned."

W.B. Yeats 

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