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Rise of the Omega Males

August 21, 2017

As Trump's presidency continues to go down into the abyss of its own catastrophic ignominious failures one can't help but feel a little bit of schadenfreude in it all. Yet despite his complete inability to build the Wall, "lock her up", repeal and replace Obamacare, defeat ISIS, or anything he said he was going to do...
He still has that tenacious stubborn base doesn't he? You know who they are. They were the ones who were all out with Tiki torches (from Polynesia) chanting against Jews and about 'white power'.  It was surreal seeing them out there in cargo pants with their TARGET™ employee haircuts and beer guts acting like they were the 300 of Leonidas about to stand against the Persians.  They looked petulant, angry...
They made me think of what a colicky baby might resemble if it were six feet tall and could walk upright.
It was the rise of the omega males.

Allow me to explain what I mean by the term "omega male".

We all know that in some species of mammals there will be a leader, and this leader is referred too as the alpha male.  All white supremacists (really pink inferiorists) see themselves this way.  They really believe that they are somehow superior to everyone else merely because of their appearance.  But in truth there is nothing "alpha" about them. They are not leaders, but easily manipulated followers who chase after anything that will salve their deeply vulnerable egos even if what they chase is lies and delusions.  Without exception every single thing white supremacy is based on is a lie: Bad science, grossly misread history, and a stark denial of the facts.  Especially if those facts contradict their own very limited worldview which combines the worst elements of tribalism, superstition, and unfounded fears fed daily by AM radio and FAUX "news".  Unlike real alpha males who see themselves as guardians of the greater whole and labor always for the greatest good, omega males are all governed by feverish narcissism and ignorance so Teflon strong that it appears to be completely invulnerable to reasonableness. 

As a society we are fortunate that their numbers are as small as they are. Sadly those numbers have proven to be bigger than expected and unfortunately appear to include not only our current president but two of his top aides:
Gorka and Miller.
For now the bigger issue is that Neo-Nazis are on the rise like we've never seen in more than half a century. What is clear is that omega males are an unwholesome blend of toxic masculinity, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and free-flowing racism.  And all of this seems to be in the service of nothing deeper than propping up white men who suffer from a deep rooted sense of self who have been told over and over again that they are not responsible for their failures in life but that the "others" (anyone not like them) is 'really to blame'.  That one of their ranks managed to win the White House through a long chain of lies, Russian money, and the deeply flawed GOP primary process has unfortunately given these idiots a sense of unearned arrogance. 


The solution to them is complex and like all complex problems requires an equally complex solution.


1. Do not attack them.
Violence is what they want and crave because it gives them a sense of validation. All former Neo-Nazis have said as much. By all means defend yourself if attacked, but they will try to entice you into attacking them. Don't fall for that.


2. Ridicule them.
We're winning the meme war, and we have every single comedian on our side. Mel Brooks showed us that turning Hitler into an object of ridicule as he did in THE PRODUCERS (1967) reduces him. Futurama was mocking Nixon decades after he was long gone. This is a powerful weapon. It helped drive Sean Spicer from the white house to the unemployment line.

3. Doxxing.
Anyone who goes to a white power rally and gets photographed deserves to be made famous. 

They don't get to be "Weekend Nazis".

4. Talk to your kids.
This is of course self-explanatory. I often talk to my own son who is sixteen about the facts of these people. They should know the truth and how to handle it if they ever meet one of these omegas.


5. Don't lose heart.
It is too easy to be cynical in these dark times. You can't afford the luxury of negative thinking in the Age of the Trumpocalypse. 

6. Call them out.
Never easy, but remember that the battleground for the heart of America is now everywhere: your kitchen, your job, cyberspace and wherever you go where there's other people.  Speak truth to lies and never back down. 


"You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
and the world will be as one."

John Lennon



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