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Trump's America: Naked and Afraid

It is not inaccurate to say that this is by far the most unstable White House in American history.  Nixon's White House, during the height of Watergate, seemed like a model of NASA-like efficiency compared to the never-ending catastrofuck that is the Trump Administration.  The "Mooch" is gone, and before him Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, as well.  Trump keeps surrounding himself with generals, encouraging police brutality and attacking anyone who doesn't lick his boots on command.  In short, he is turning America into a Third World failed state run by thugs and strongmen who care about nothing but money and power.  I keep waiting for the press to start referring to Trump not as "The President" but as "El Presidente".  One wonders if he'll trade in his suit for a military style outfit the way Mussolini did in fascist Italy once upon a time.

Trump has become such a loose cannon that reporters on MSNBC and CNN often struggle not to laugh when talking about him.  Even Faux News has given up and now routinely dismisses much of Trump's rhetoric and Tweets as outright lies.  Charles Krauthammer, never a figure of warmth, has never looked more embalmed as he catalogs the political misfires and failures of Trump and his cluster-fuck of half-assed super-villains.  Most recently, in a grand display of blatant nepotism, Trump established his own state run media during the the ten hellish days of "the Mooch", who proved to be so astonishingly stupid that he had a vulgarity laced conversation with The New Yorker which he erroneously believed was 'off the record'.  Moochy later complained that he'd been "tricked by the reporter" (giggle).
You played yourself the minute you decided to take a job in the worst White House in history, Scaramucci.   Now he's unemployed and can't even take comfort from his wife, who left him barely a week ago citing his ambition as the reason for it.

In the shadows, far from the idiocy playing itself out on cable we know Robert Mueller is proceeding to build what I suspect will be nothing less than the most damning case of treason in the annals of America jurisprudence. When we stop just to consider the facts already known to the public it doesn't look good:

  1. Trump tasked the Russian government to hack Hillary Clinton, asking an openly corrupt foreign government to attack a government official.

  2. Trump, Jr. purposely met with several Russians in Trump tower to collude with them for the purpose of undermining our democracy.

  3. Jared Kushner tried to create a secret back channel to Moscow through the Russian embassy by soliciting the ambassador to Russia.

  4. Trump, his son and son-in-law have repeatedly been caught in lies every single time they've tried to explain things.

  5. Trump openly talked about relaxing sanctions put on Russia by President Obama.

  6. Trump privately gave Israeli intelligence reports to the Russians in the Oval Office after dismissing the American press from the room.

  7. Jeff Sessions lied under oath about meeting with Russians more than once.

  8. Paul Manafort and General Flynn were both dismissed for having extensive connections to Russia.

  9. Trump had a one hour meeting with Putin at the G20 with no other American present that he has not been able to explain.

  10. Trump clearly fired the head of the FBI, Jim Comey, for the purpose of killing the Russian investigation.

It is also worth mentioning that Trump and his entire family have all lawyered up which certainly are not the actions of innocent people confronted by 'fake news'.   If all this wasn't enough, the chaos of this Administration has made the Nation more vulnerable than its been since September 10, 2001.  We can only speculate what the Russians and Chinese as well as North Korea and ISIS might be up too while our own intelligence agencies busy themselves with trying to rid America of Carrot Caligula and the plague he has brought with him to the District of Columbia.



"Any effort to go after Mueller would be the beginning of the end for the Trump presidency."

Senator Lindsey Graham

"...then again if he doesn't go after Mueller that would also be the end for the Trump presidency."

Stephen Colbert

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