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Putin, Trump, and Sobriety: America's Greatest Enemies

Have a seat, boys and girls.
Take off your shoes and relax because you're not going to want to hear any of this standing up, believe me.


This last week was the worst yet both for Trump and for Democracy as a whole.  We started this shit-show with constant cries of "fake news" and ended it with "Pardon me?  No I mean PARDON ME...fuckers!"
Trump and his entire Kremlin Klan have lawyered up more than the cast of Goodfellas and in the shadows Trump himself can't seem to escape the obviousness of his own treason. His bizarre meeting with Putin which was not mentioned until well after the fact has become a constant source of the darkest types of speculations.
Did Trump make Putin wear a condom?
Did Putin go in dry or did the translator remember to bring the baby oil? Americans have a right to know!

Honestly, what else are we supposed to think?

Footage of the dinner where Trump had this meeting shows our so-called "President" making obscene gestures at the Russian president and finally he got up and ran over like a lost puppy that had just been purchased the day before Christmas.  Trump's sycophancy with Putin and the Russians is not only obvious but deeply embarrassing to anyone that actually gives a shit about America and our standing in the world.  Trump behaves like a caffeinated fangirl meeting their favorite rockstar for the first time.  What's worse is that since no other Americans were present for this hour long tryst we have no idea what was said.  Trump could have offered Putin Alaska and the use of his wife and we'd never know it.  Meanwhile, 25% of Americans see nothing to "the Russia story" and couldn't care less that we have a fully recruited Russian proxy in the White House who has already blatantly given secrets to the Russians IN THE OVAL OFFICE.

Well, of course, they don't care.  We have to remember who that 25% happens to be.  I call them The Fearful Forth.  They're the one in four Americans who still believe wholeheartedly that invading Iraq was a stroke of genius, that Barack Obama is a Kenyan Muslim, and continue to believe every word fed to them by AM radio and Faux News.  They question the science behind climate change but believe every word in the Bible is true and characterize #BlackLivesMatter as nothing less than a terrorist organization.  I've spend years trying to communicate with these people and frankly I'm done talking to these hateful bigoted fucking idiots.  You cannot reason with the unreasonable and the ridiculous deserve ridicule.

The black community has taught me that you cannot talk white supremacists out of their racism.  They LIKE being racist.  For them racism (and sexism) is the closest thing these sub-morons will ever get to a self-esteem workshop.  Life is pretty simple when you can blame all your failings on the phantoms fed to you by the GOP and their various malignant allies in the media.  To rise above their delusions would require a deliberate act of will, and right now these rednecks have all the willpower of a remorseless heroin junkie. Talking to Republicans is no different than masturbating with a cheese grater, both activities I would not recommend.


Meanwhile, Sean Spicer is down for the count and Jeff Sessions is walking wounded.  No Presidential Cabinet has ever looked worse.  You have to go back to the court of King Louis XVI of France to find a comparable mess (Fun fact:  King Louis was executed for treason after he colluded with the Prussians).  If anything is going to be done about this never-ending nightmare the rest of us are going to have to play the long game, and part of that is going to be ignoring the Fearful Forth from now on.

Seriously, giving a shit what these cousin-fucking losers think is the single biggest waste of time and energy I can conceive of...
Let them thunder and scream at the uncaring sky.
Let them blog about Confederate statues being torn down while the rest of us continue the important work of the 21st century.
As of right now the GOP and Trump have never looked worse and after Trump fires Mueller (and he will, don't be surprised when it happens) it will be up to us to get on the phones and demand action.  Unless the GOP leadership seriously wants to be synonymous with treason for remainder of our nation's history they will cave and do the right thing.  Until then I'll be here in my bunker with my WiFi connection and a well stocked liquor cabinet.  Like a successful horror movie franchise the sequels just keep coming.
Hang on tight and keep the controls on manual. It only gets worse from here.


"Now you know, this is what it feels like!"

Nine Inch Nails

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