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Bunny's Warren: High School Reunion: Pt. 1

June 22, 2017

We all at one point in life had a high school crush.  Either one of two things happened, they have the same feelings towards you, or they don’t.  Sadly, in this story they do not feel the same.  I know, I know,  it bites that they don’t feel the same; but let’s go forward a bit when we see each other after a good ten years.
Let's see what happens when you run into an old crush.

Staring into his piercing green eyes after so many years, seeing him watching me with awe and attraction.  I look away so no one will  see the friction between Jack and me.  It’s been so long since I saw him, the memories of our last interaction rile me up and, as I try to exit the auditorium, I hear him say my name.  No, don’t turn back to him, just go out and take a breather.  Going to the old theater room I reminisce on the times we had together in this room. Remembering, painfully, how it was when he rejected my feelings. 


“Emma! There you are. I’ve been looking for you,” I hear him pant as he catches his breath. 


“What are you doing here, Jack? Why did you follow me?” I whisper, trying to make sure no one sees us and think that we’re doing anything wrong.


“I wanted to talk to you, but you ran off. You have no idea how excited I am to see you again.  You must despise me for refusing your feelings back in school.  I regret it everyday.”  He walks towards me, places his hand on my cheek, and I know he feels how burning hot I am.  He bites his lips as he stares me down with his glinting green eyes.  He traces my lips with his thumb and starts to melt my walls with his smile that I have missed all these years. Lowering his index finger to my neck, I start to breathe heavily.  With each second passing by I start to wonder why this is happening.  The chance of this being a dream pops into my head.


“You think you’ve been the only one who’s been wanting this for so long, Emma?”  With a quick glance, he pulls me in, our bodies intertwine, his arms pressing me closer, tighter.  Looking up to see his face, I start to notice how much older we truly are from the last time we met.  His jawline a bit sharper and the small patch of stubble from shaving. He was always the athletic type in school and even now he's still tone and well dressed.  His hair grew out a bit since high school yet the boyish smile that always got me still makes me weak to my knees. The boy I truly admire became a man.
I was incredibly tantalized at this moment. 


“Look at how much you and I have grown, Emma.” He whispers as if reading my thoughts.  I turn away from his eyes, trying to avoid the fact that we are grown.  Well, at least he's grown,  I, on the other hand, remained the same, expect a couple of inches thanks to my heels. “You truly are gorgeous...  I wish I could make up the lost time we could have had all those years ago.”


I push him away to regain my sanity. This can’t be real, none of this is real and you know it.  “Why now, Jack?"  I demand.  "It took me so long to get over you. I wanted you for so long and now after all this time you want me?  This isn’t fair, Ja-“  

I'm cut off as  he pins me to the wall and I faintly hear his growl before he speaks. “I can’t let you go now, Emma. I’ve been holding myself back ever since I saw you walk in.  The moment you smiled and laughed it brought back the memories of how you made me smile during school.  I was a foolish boy to not see what could have been when we were younger.   Looking at you like this, you’re nervous and scared, aren’t you?  I’m sorry, Emma, but I want you like this.”  He bites his lips and chuckles a bit.

What do you want with me?  I feel like I’m melting from his voice and his stare.  I don’t know what is going to happen, but I want him more than anything.

To be continued



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