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The Hater: Trump vs Reality: Governance by Cognitive Dissonance

Last week while Trump was humiliating his Cabinet by publicly forcing all of them to lick his boots and kiss his ass with forced praise, he made a statement that was particularly illuminating.  He claimed that his administration has "passed more legislation than any other administration" with the possible exception of FDR.
Sounds impressive, doesn't it?
There's just one small problem:  Trump and the entire malignant mass of the GOP haven't passed ANY legislation.
Trump has literally dropped more bombs on Afghanistan than he's passed any laws.  That Trump is a liar is of course a given. Every oath and promise he's ever made is a profanity. Every assurance he's ever given, even to his own family, has always been a ruse.  Trump is so deceitful I doubt he is sincerely capable of asking for water when he's thirsty. 


Those who might think the special investigator has no sense of humor failed to note that Trump discovered he was officially under FBI investigation on June 14th, his birthday.  Putting that aside for a moment, Trump seems to believe that the best strategy at this point is to attack the credibility of former FBI director Jim Comey.  What the Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief doesn't seem to understand is that he himself has less credibility than Charles Manson.  Consider that despite the scale of Manson's crimes he still had no problem getting a lawyer while Trump has struggled to find representation. Well, who can blame them?  At least Manson knew when to shut his mouth. Trump can't help himself.  His tweets increasingly speak of a disordered mind so feverish with paranoia that even Nixon would have blanched at such idiotic displays.  Trump claims he never asked Comey for loyalty and followed his denial with "Who would do that?"
Who indeed?

Except that many of us remember that during the campaign last year Trump did exactly that with an auditorium of frothing-at-the-mouth rednecks that were only too happy to raise their right hand and swear to vote for the Clockwork Orange.  The word "credibility" becomes a sick joke when put in the same sentence as our current President.  
The same man that payed out $25,000,000 after settling his most recent fraud case re: Trump University.
The same guy who bragged about committing sexual assault and then later dismissed his comments as 'locker room talk'.
Trump repeatedly told his supporters that he "alone could fix it because no one knows the system better than me." Trump didn't even know that Israel is in the MIDDLE of the Middle East.  Even Trump's most recent marriage is a sham so obvious that one wonders why he even bothers to go through the motions of pretending anymore given that Melania isn't even playing her part anymore. 


Trump says that he welcomes the chance to testify under oath, and this is no different than when Hitler declared war on the United States after a crushing defeat against the Russians:  He wants to create the appearance of strength. Except that Trump has always been about appearance without depth and nothing else his entire life.  He's a surface with no substance underneath. When Trump sued a writer about what he called "false claims about my net worth" he testified under oath and was found to have lied 30 times. That was in 2007.  When asked point blank how he calculated his net worth he admitted that it was tied to "fluctuating markets and his feelings". Trump is so self-centered that he seriously believes that if he's a billionaire then it is simply a fact regardless of how much actual money he has. That Trump is a bottomless pit of ignorance is clear seems to humble the meaning of the word "bottomless". 


"The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King."

William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

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