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The Hater: The House of Shards

 Watching Trump's third wife finally arrive to live full time at the Summer White House today was one of the funnier things on cable this morning.  Watching Trump's latest trophy towing his youngest son Barron, looking sullen in a T-shirt, it was like watching a step-mom dropping off a kid for his visitation weekend and being blatant in his contempt for the whole pantomime. Of course, that Melania hates her husband is a matter of public record, and that just means she's part of the 66% of all Americans who disapprove of Trump's performance.  You'll note that the word "performance" has a double-meaning here.  Normally when we talk about how someone is performing we mean their overall display of skill at their given profession.  Not so with Trump, who really is not so much a "President" as he is Earth's most successful cosplayer.  Trump is merely play acting at being a President and he's nowhere nearly as convincing as our last Celebrity-in-Chief, Reagan.  At least Reagan had the virtue of rehearsing as Governor of California before taking the role of his lifetime, but Trump has never held any public office or worked for the public good.

The fact of Trump being so new to Washington was mentioned recently by Paul Ryan, in his deeply feeble attempt to explain the endless lies and ineptitude's of President Pussy-grabber.  
Is Trump our first training-wheels Chief Executive?
Seriously, Trump took this job thinking that it was a cinch only to find out that being the leader of the Free World is actually harder than being a realty show "star".  There are some in the Liberal side of the body politic who have tried to convince us that on some level all of this is a ruse.  That Trump is playing some sort of three dimensional chess and that all of this is according to some nefarious scheme.  But this is the same man who gave away code word intelligence secrets directly to Russians in the Oval Office.  This is the same guy that said Africa was a country.  This is the first President in history that literally lost an entire carrier battle group and had to be told where it was by the press he continues to dismiss as "fake news"

As far as Trump goes, the news has been anything but fake.  Even Faux has begun to attack him on a regular basis.  The endless litany of lies he speaks and Tweets has become an avalanche that began when Trump insisted his Inauguration Day crowds were "the largest in American history".  He continues to lie with such flagrant buffoonery that it's becoming increasingly difficult to even take the man seriously.  At the beginning of this debacle many of us, myself included, dismissed Trump as a clown.  The problem is that we don't have that luxury anymore.  
We're now dealing with an unbalanced lunatic comfortable with treason who likes to use other countries occasionally for target practice.  Former FBI Director Comey's testimony merely confirmed what we suspected:
Trump is a narcissist suffering from megalomania who demands Mafia-style loyalty from those close to him, that he clearly fired Comey in an effort to squash the Russian Investigation, and that he lies as easily as he breaths.
It's all falling apart and we all have ringside seats.
Grab your popcorn and enjoy the show. 


"Gondor has no King. Gondor needs no King."

Boromir  (from LORD OF THE RINGS)

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