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Risque Shel

June 2, 2017

It can be so intoxicating how much a simple touch can ignite so many things throughout the body.  That is exactly all it took to get my blood flowing to every surface on my body, I was beat red blushing from the thoughts alone that sparked the minute my skin touched hers.  All I did was lay my hand on hers as we sat leaning against each other.  I knew immediately that she felt it too when she turned her gaze from the television to me, a small shy smile played on her lips.  I grasped her chin gently and looked into her eyes begging for permission, one more shy smile later she pressed her lips onto mine and drove my subconscious into the ground.  I was done for, the minute her supple lips touched mine I was lost, I pushed into her and she willingly laid back into the couch allowing me access to kiss down her jaw, and nip my way down her neck.

This woman…  Her skin is so soft, my hands slowly eased up into her shirt to her perfect breasts, I have never been one for large breasts but my god this woman is intoxicating, and as I slipped my way under her bra, I could feel the shiver run through her body.  I took that as my clear invitation to pull her shirt off.  Tracing my tongue down her chest to encircle my mouth around her nipple, I heard the softest moan escape her throat and a sharp intake of breath as I nipped down,  I couldn’t help my smile, this woman had me under an evil spell and I couldn’t escape. I let my hands explore down her abdomen as my mouth continued its assault on her breasts.  I rubbed my hands down the outside of her thighs then back up the inside as she pushed her hips up to meet my hand right at the apex between her legs.  I quickly pulled her pants off as I nibbled my way down her stomach resting my chin right above the spot she was willing me to get to.  I slipped my fingers inside her panties and grazed over her clit, a small moan coming from her and I knew I was right where she wanted me, I pressed one finger inside her and I couldn’t help my reciprocating moan.

Oh... she is so wet.

I added a second finger, making small circular motions as I pulled her panties aside and leaned down encircling her clit with my mouth, suckling lightly with my fingers still moving, her hips started grinding against me which caused a beam of accomplishment to soar through me. I picked up my pace easing my fingers in and out and allowing my tongue to play against her most sensitive area. Her moans quickened in pace, I could feel her tensing beneath me, I had her so close!  I pulled my face up to hers keeping my hand pressed against her, using my thumb to rub her clit, as I went back to slow circles inside of her.  She pulled away from me gasping, pushing her hips into my hand.  I knew what she wanted but my god I just want to savor her.  I smiled and went back to suckling and kissing her breasts while my hand continued it’s assault.  I felt her building again, oh so close this time, I slowed down once more, she squirmed slightly grinding into my hand.


Trailing my tongue across her breasts and back up to kiss her again, I could see her irritation, but she gave in allowing my tongue access to her mouth. I pushed my fingers deep inside and I could hear in the back of her throat the appreciative moan, I quickened the pace of my fingers and so quick to respond I felt her tense again…  I will allow it.  I pulled my face back down pressing my tongue inside her then pulling up to focus back to her clit, pushing two fingers back inside her I picked up my pace..  

Come on baby girl I will let you come now was all I was thinking.

 I felt her legs tighten and the most arousing sound escaped her beautiful mouth and she was finally sated and allowed to go over the edge.  I slowed down my fingers letting her come down from her high, kissing my way back up her body resting my forehead to hers...

With a guilty shock I awoke with a bolt, shaken and oh so turned on…
I looked to my side and there he lay…
My fiance, but oh that dream, I needed to get out of there. I was so turned on, and from her no less.  She had always been a goddess in my eyes but this has raised the playing field by far

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