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The Hater: No Escape From The Shadow of the #Trumpocalypse

It is strange when life imitates popular culture. As the year 2017 wheels along with painful deliberation it becomes increasingly to feel like we are weirdly living in an odd version of the MCU, the Marvel™ Cinematic Universe. It would appear that Trump is our Loki, and like Loki he is destined to fail and fail spectacularly. Like Loki he also seems particularly adept at bragging and self-pity. We also see that like Loki he is not acting alone but is really carrying out the wishes of another, because if Trump is our Loki than most assuredly Vladimir Putin is our Thanos ever lurking in the distance observing his handiwork from a safe distance. You'll also remember that in THE AVENGERS (2012) Loki employed an army of nearly mindless minions to carry out his will who all might as well have been wearingwhite baseball caps with the words "Make Midgard Great Again" emblazoned along the front.  In the end of that movie we all remember that Loki was defeated and New York City was nearly destroyed. So it raises the question:  Where are OUR Avengers? Who is there that can do battle on our behalf? 
To paraphrase Bonnie Tyler, "[We] need a hero."

Today, Chuck Todd on Meet the Press said, "Neither party knows what it stands for and the democrats are leaderless."


He's not wrong.  The divisions within the parties seem deeper than the divisions between them. You'd think that the meat-hook reality of an actual fascist in the White House would cause the Democrats to unite but instead the opposite has happened.  Frankly, I don't hold out a lot of hope for the 2018 midterms or the 2020 race on the Democratic side.  Berniecrats (as many like to call themselves) are determined to subject any would-be candidate to a purity test that only Senator Sanders himself could pass, and Hillary supporters seem demoralized and often dejected to the point of despair.  Sanders the Savior promised in essence to turn America into Sweden with universal healthcare, free college and a kitten for every orphan. Hillary the cynic merely co-opted Bernie's message while foolishly deciding to not make him her running mate which was viewed by many as a direct slap in the face.  Like George Lucas she wanted to be the whole show and turned the entire campaign into another unwanted Star Wars prequel with Jar Jar Binks as her VP (Tim Kaine).  It was the blind leading the bland and Liberals got crushed.  

Fast forward to May 2017.  
At this point, Senator Sanders is no longer relevant to anyone not living in Vermont and Hillary Clinton has been relegated to the outer darkness of pampered unemployment. At this moment, the Democrats have no Thor to wield lighting or Captain America with his mighty shield to lead them.
Sure, everyone has their favorite: "What about Elizabeth Warren?  What about Corey Booker?"  They're competent...  And we certainly need that now more than ever. But can they inspire anyone?  Can they give a speech that doesn't sound like dialogue from an After School special? We need someone who has both the steel hard determination of a Hillary and the integrity of Bernie. In short, we need someone worthy enough to lift Mjolnir.  Someone we can actually trust who can be counted on to do what is needed and who can beat down Trump in the debates like the whiny little bitch he always was. Meanwhile no one is laughing harder than Putin, who is the only one that got what he wanted out of this election.
So what happens now? What's next, America?
You tell me.

"A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance."

-Hunter S. Thompson

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