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The Hater: Truth, Lies, and the Madness of President Thanos

People have been making fun of Trump for decades.  Taking shots at him is like aiming for the floor.  There's no challenge in mocking so obvious a target.  But beyond all the Saturday Night Live sketches and late-night monologues something about Trump is becoming increasing clear that no one really wants to talk about:  His mental health.  As we approach the first 100 days of fascism in America it has become more and more obvious that something is deeply wrong with Donald Trump and it isn't his obvious sexism, his impossible-to-contain racism or even his own astonishing lack of decorum when standing next to his third wife.  No, this is worse than all of that. 

During the election Trump was asked by Chuck Todd who he was consulting with on matters of foreign policy.  He responded, "I've been consulting with myself, because I have a very good brain."  Why this statement alone didn't drive the voters away from him still mystifies me.  
'A very good brain'?  
That's not something anyone ever expected to hear from a presidential candidate, but one of Bugs Bunny's more tenacious foils.  I still take Chuck Todd to task for not immediately following up with, "Not according to your first two wives, Donnie Boy."  Trump's deep delusions about the attendance at his and Obama's respective Inaugurations betray a level of childishness one doesn't expect outside an elementary school.  Certainly not from the President of the United States.  Sean Spicer had the thankless task of transmitting his overlord's words to the press where he was rightly humiliated for trying to give credence to so obvious a lie. 

But to paraphrase the Joker:  "[I'm] just the beginning."

Less than two weeks ago Trump was asked about the missiles he launched pointlessly into Syria.  This would have been fine except that he said we launched them "into Iraq", but remembered the cake he had.  The interviewer corrected him and then he quickly corrected himself, but this isn't a mere gaffe.  This isn't an unintended slip of the tongue.  To compound this it was just last week that Trump quite literally misplaced an entire carrier battle group, believing that it was being sent towards North Korea when in fact it was headed for Hawaii.  This entire situation is frankly intolerable. We now find ourselves with the ugly prospect of a dangerous unbalanced megalomaniac who wields the military might of the American armed forces like Thanos having finally assembled the Infinity Gauntlet.  We are now living in a time when we must endure a kind of perpetual Cuban Missile Crisis that never ends, because from one moment to the next none of us can predict what his Orangeness might do given the inclination.  All I know is that as of right now I see a lot of scotch and internet porn in my future. 

"No sympathy of Devil...  Buy the ticket, take the ride."
Hunter S. Thompson

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