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Tales from Wolf Tower: Stop Lying About the Transpeople

April 19, 2017


I usually avoid direct political statements, as they tend to annoy me.  
Politics is a science, and most sciences are made of predictable elements.

Please see:

  • Nationwide Federal marijuana decriminalization by 2025 when the big box retailers advocate (read: Lobby) for it to take profits from corner stores.

  • Donald Trump impeached by 2018 for treason.

  • China declares war on North Korea by 2020.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

At least once a day I see a Facebook comment, "news" article, politician, or fuckwit explaining that if someone sees a transgender person go into the same restroom as their child, they will attack that person, regardless of their intent.  
My question is, can YOU recognize a transgender person who's completed his or her transition?

I only ask because the cover image of this piece is the current First Lady of the United States, but I'm willing to bet that at least one reader was disgusted that they had to look at some "mentally ill shim" being enabled by the Liberal Agenda.


I digress.  

While I will not claim that there aren't, of course, transgender persons who will engage in sexually driven violence, the odds on you meeting a transgender who will sexually assault someone in their lifetime is about the same as your being hit and killed by a meteorite.  Whereas, the greatest risk to your wife and children when it comes to sexual assault, statically is...

Not you, of course. 
You'd never attack your wife or child, or any child.
But, perhaps a family friend, or family member might. That "you" is reading this right now and odds are very good that in the aftermath, your child won't tell anyone because that person told your child they will go to jail and it will be all their fault and everyone will blame them.  You're wife may not tell because she doesn't want to spend months sitting across a courtroom from her attacker and reliving that trauma.
But, it could be you. There's an +80% chance the perpetrator will be known to the victim.
And every 8 minutes a rape committed on a minor is reported...
How many aren't reported is a far more terrifying proposition.
And, regardless of what Law & Order: Special Victims Unit told you, less than 2% of rapists actually go to prison or serve significant jail time.
The transgender community's right to use a specific restroom will have almost as much personal effect as the "Colored" community's right to use specific restrooms:
A few bigots will freak the fuck out.

There will be acts of violence against transgendered persons.
There will be acts of violence against suspected transgendered persons.
People will protest. 
People will counterprotest.
People will claim that neither sex nor gender is a choice.
People will state that they're actually happy by being who they felt they should be, not who they were.

In short, for the majority of you: There will be as much change in your life and lifestyle as there was when the Supreme Court of the United States decriminalized same sex marriage.
Or as I like to call it "Marriage".


Odds are very good that you will simply never meet a transperson. Best estimates put the population at 700,000 persons, or the population of Charlotte, NC, Detroit, MI, or El Paso, TX.
That's a very small group to be told that they're a threat to the American people.
Excuse me.
"'Murican people".


Whereas, every 2 minutes, someone is raped.
293,000 people, from the age of 12 and up, are forced to engage in sex against their will every year.
If you think your personal feelings trump reality, please...


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