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The Hater: Pay No Attention To The Fucktard Behind the Curtain!

This morning on the various Sunday morning news shows the theme over and over again was "the incoherent foreign policy" of Trump.  Well, of course it's incoherent.  You can't have a coherent foreign policy with an incoherent unbalanced man in the highest office of the United States.  No one can explain Trump's inexplicable attack on Syria and frankly Trump's own explanation was bizarre.  He wants us to believe that photos of dead children was all it took to make him commit 59 missiles to (pointlessly) hitting a base that was still functional the next morning.  Conspiracy theories abound, but the truth seems fairly obvious:  
The main target of Trump's attack was #RussiaGate.
Trump is running scared as the number of connections between himself and Putin continue to grow.  His increasingly erratic behavior isn't "leadership", but desperation that is all too obvious. That Trump has greatly endangered American forces already inside Syria by this astonishingly stupid fireworks display has largely been ignored by the media.

As I write these words the would be "President" has sent an entire carrier group towards Korea for what purpose we don't know. Does Donald Trump really intend to fight a two front open war against both Syria and North Korea?
Has he consulted with South Korea, a country which still doesn't even have a US ambassador as of this writing?
What exactly is Donald's "plan" if anything?
Has anyone told him that North Korea could conceivably launch missiles into Pyongyang, South Korea's capital (Population 2.5 million)?
Has he consulted with Japan and China?
Did he take his medication this morning?
Will Jared Kushner don his cape and save the day since he appears to able to do anything given his current position as dauphin of the United States?
Has anyone seen the key to my liquor cabinet?

Trump is doing everything he can to kill the unending rumors of his own treason, and it isn't working. Employing Vietnam era logic to Syria ("We had to destroy the village in order to save it") won't stop the investigations of the FBI and congress.  He hasn't even crossed the first 100 days and he's had nothing but humiliating failures one after the other.  Each attempt by Trump to actually do anything results in disaster.  The world is watching us and they aren't liking what they see...  An empire in the hands of a traitor, a fraud and apparently an unstable lunatic that has all the impulse control of an unrepentant meth addict. That the GOP has fallen in line and decided to go along with the whims of this pretender only shows how desperate they also find themselves in their desire to keep their claws firmly on the reins of power.  This is what fascism looks like, America. Fear and loathing, global riot and zero democracy.  The storm clouds are gathering and the tea leaves aren't very optimistic.  Who knew there'd come a time when even Liberals would long for the quiet dignity of George W. Bush on a bender?

"Madness in great ones must not unwatched go."
~ William Shakespeare (from HAMLET)


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