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The Hater: When Will The #Trumpocalypse Finally End?

You can't spend as many hours on social media as I do and not notice a deeply oppressive sense of despair among Liberals and even Republicans. The daily catalog of idiocies emanating from #CarrotCaligula and his #KremlinKlan are legion. It's near to impossible to keep track of them, like trying to count snowflakes during an avalanche. That Trump is doomed is obvious. The real question now is how will that doom unfold and how many will be drawn into it?



At first the new regime had the feeling of Shakespearean tragedy, which would usually mark the end of a family as in Hamlet. But now America feels sadly trapped within the ugly narrative of a Russian novel, where the death toll can consume entire cities and empires before one has even gotten to the middle. When Dostoevsky becomes relevant to current events you know your nation's in deep shit. 


Evidence is still mounting with regards to a connection between Moscow and the Trump campaign. We don't have to look far to find a "Russian connection" as such. Trump made the connection when he openly tasked Russia to attack Hillary Clinton, an act so brazen that it should have cost him the election. That so many Republicans were willing to ignore it speaks more to their own fascist inclinations than anything else.  Who knew that 40% of American voters were comfortable with white supremacy and with an unholy alliance with our most hated enemy if it meant keeping a woman from becoming President?
Still, as more and more questions are asked the answers look worse and worse for the Donald and his dregs. 



Even if somehow Trump is able to escape an overt charge of treason, he's already condemned in the court of public opinion.  Town halls across the nation for weeks have been filled with angry voters, many Republicans over 50 that are demanding an

impartial investigation into the mess that is laughingly called an "administration". Meanwhile the Trump-Bannon junta is destroying our very government one agency at a time...and in so doing is causing us more damage than any frothing jihadist

ever dreamed.  9/11 is a blip on the radar compared to what is happening and what is about to happen. 


The question remains:  How will all this finally end?
Caligula was insane for the last three years of his reign and it was ultimately his own Praetorian guard that did him in when they felt he'd gone too far. One wonders how many lies and acts of reckless stupidity Trump will perpetrate before even the GOP can't stomach him anymore. No matter how it ends or when you can be certain of two things:
It won't be pleasant and it won't be soon enough.


"Battle not with monsters lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes also into you."  

-Friedrich Nietzsche

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