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Two-Faced Bitch: My Threeway Romance

March 19, 2017

A story told to me by an old friend.
Names have been changed to protect the deviant.

It was a wonderful experience that lasted several years although Doug and I have met a few more times over the years.  I let Sarah go because it was unfair to her.  She needed someone to spend the rest of her life with, that wasn't me at the time, and it probably never would be.

This adventure occurred between 1993-1997. I was a newly separated Air Force officer, working as a lawyer in Sacramento, as I still do. I was newly divorced and living with a newly divorced lady named Sarah. Sarah was petite and slim, about 5' 4", 105 pounds, 33A, short black hair:  Very cute and very sexy. 

She was very playful by nature and loved sex.   She loved to take off her skirt or shorts and panties during long drives up the coast, and have me play with her pussy the whole way.  She would cum for more than an hour at a time.  They weren't great, huge orgasms that were made for cock-milking like some girls can give you, but rather little butterfly climaxes that happened just like clockwork every two or three minutes once I had her up and humming.  She'd float along, having what she called "little waves",  her hips would rise slightly, close her knees together an inch or two, moan very softly; and then she'd relax, spreading her knees for me again.


Often she and I fantasized about a threesome during our playtime.  We were ready to experiment, but nothing had happened yet.   Then one night Doug, Sarah's ex, called.  I had heard of Doug many, many times before, and I'd heard of his sexual prowess.  He was coming out to California to visit his daughters from a previous marriage. 


Like me, Doug had been an AF officer assigned to Beale.  Sarah had worked on base and they used to go over to his trailer on base at lunchtime where they would fuck themselves silly.  She told me that by the time she got back to the office, his cum was rolling down her leg. 

Sarah and I would both get excited in bed talking about her days with him.  Sarah would start to describe the times they had made love.  She giggled telling me the time he fucked her in the ass while he bent her over the kitchen table, using olive oil as a lubricant.  (Evidently, the experience wasn't something that she wanted to repeat because she never wanted to do it again with me.) 

Sarah told me that Doug was about 6' 0", about two inches shorter than me, but weighed about the same - about 185 pounds.   She also told me that he had a pretty big cock and, with Sarah being a tiny thing with an extremely small pussy, the image made my cream flow.  

She relayed her telephone conversation with Doug. I gave her a smile and a nod when she asked me if we should invite him to dinner.  Excitedly, she told him that he was welcome to stay with us during his visit if he wanted.  He said yes before she had finished the sentence.  That night in bed, Sarah and I discussed a threesome with Doug, deciding that we'd just see how it went.  

Doug turned out to be a real nice guy.  We had a lot of laughs during dinner over a bottle of wine talking about Sarah and Doug together in the old days.  I was never jealous with Sarah - perhaps that explains why we're not still together.  Many of the stories they told on each other danced around how much they enjoyed themselves sexually.  The innuendos were flying.  I could tell that Sarah was reminiscing about Doug's cock by the way she unconsciously kept wiggling in her chair. 

At one point, and I can't remember how it came up, he said he was like an old dinosaur -- a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Sarah said he was built like one, and we all laughed.  Then I said that I had heard he was more like a Tyrannosaurus Sex, and we all laughed some more.  We adjourned to the living room couch and Sarah sat between us. He started rubbing her left leg, and I took her right.  We talked about going out and renting an X-rated movie (The '90's were such a different time).  But it was late and he had spent a good part of the day on an airplane.
"We should make our own movie!"  Sarah exclaimed giggling and she leaned over and kissed him. He looked over at me, silently asking my permission.  I nodded to him.


Doug ran his hands over her little breasts, roamed down her stomach and between her thighs with his fingers, running his hand under her skirt and pulling it up, then running a finger along the inside of her pantyline.  His fingers started to trace her crack as she spread her legs. Her legs just fell open and she was breathing hard. 

Watching, I absentmindedly stroked my cock through my pants.  I could easily see that his cock had by now become erect and was lying up against his belly inside his pants.  Sarah was stroking it, outlining its length, she started squeezing the cock head, later said she couldn't stop thinking about how it felt the last time it penetrated her pussy.  She suddenly stood and walked to the bedroom without saying a word. 

We both thought she was just going into the bathroom.   Doug and I exchanged a few words while we rearranged our hard-ons, and after a minute or two we decided to see what was up.  When found her  sitting nude in the middle of the bed with a big grin on her face.  Without a word we both stripped.  Doug took her left side and I took the right. 


The one thing I can clearly remember is how her pussy lips were soaked, not damp, not wet, but soaked with her juices by the time we both got there with our fingers.  Doug's cock was everything that she had said it was.  A little longer than my 6-1/2 inches, although mine has a bigger head and glans.  His shaft, however, thickened out down toward the bottom.  It was obvious he would give her a very nice stretch as he went in the last three inches.  I couldn't wait to see how she'd take that girth in her tiny hole.        

As a guest, and because he hadn't felt her silky vagina in a good long time, I gave him first stroke privileges.  I definitely got the feeling that Sarah wanted it that way, too.  He licked her for about five minutes and she pushed him over into a 69, sucking him with enthusiasm.  She had always enjoyed pressing the tip of her tongue into my cock hole, and she now she was enjoying doing the same on Doug's after she came off his shaft.  His had a deep crease running down the center hiding his large hole, while mine had a smaller hole with no crease.  She enjoyed worming her tongue right into his cock hole.  She withdrew her mouth and smiled at me.  I returned a reassuring smile back to her.  Her eyes locked to mine, she forced him into her mouth as far as she could.  My eyes went back and forth between her stretched jaw and her hand trying to grip and stroke his shaft about mid-way up.  I reached over and started running my middle finger along her cleft.  I shivered as Doug's tongue momentarily ran along my fingertip, before I slipped inside her.  Her head popped up as she had a little climax.  
"Doug", she moaned.  Without further prompting he helped her turn to face him.  She knelt over him, and grasping his shaft, guided him into her.  I was impressed by the way he showed consideration for her by slowly penetrating her.  He strained as he supported her hips, due to his thickness.  
I could see how thick he was at the base, as she reached his lap, her stretched labia were wrapped tightly around the wide circumference of his cock.  Her head dropped back and she groaned as if she had just reached heaven.    

With just a few strokes she was approaching her continuous orgasm mode.  Her moans coincided perfectly with the sound of his balls slapping against her buns on each of his in-strokes.  It was like they were mechanically connected.  He was giving her a series of full, long thrusts with at least seven inches of meat. 

I was fascinated by the way her pussy lips would stretch to what looked like the tearing point as his cock went in last few inches.  She would bounce her head back every time he fully buried himself.  By moving to the bottom of the bed I could see that her little asshole would pucker with each thrust.  He'd give her a full entry and then withdraw until his cock head was almost out. Then he'd slide in again in one smooth move, all the way down to his balls.  I knew from experience that I could reach her cervix with tip of my middle finger during foreplay, she wasn't particularly deep inside, and his cock was certainly longer than my finger.  Although I had heard women don't like a cock hitting their cervix, Sarah loved it.  I stroked myself as I watched, mesmerized as I waited my turn. 

Doug slowed down his thrusting, way down.  Her face was a study in concentration as he continued at that languid pace for a good 15 minutes; pretty incredible under the circumstances as she was cumming in waves the whole time.  Then his rhythm changed dramatically.  His cock started moving like the piston of an engine--in and out of her now swollen labia.  His depth varied somewhat, from moderately deep to full penetration, but he never ceased to penetrate with consistently hard thrusts.  He grit his teeth as his prick mercilessly drilled Sarah.  She bleated and moaned constantly as he pummeled her. 

I moved back to a position behind him to watch her pussy lips as he fucked the hell out of her, stretching her cunt lips with each in-thrust.  I saw his balls elevate tightly against the base of his cock, he gave her three more hard strokes, tightened his butt cheeks, gave a final grunt and penetrated all the way in and ejaculated deep in her, pulling her all the down.  There was no longer any slapping sound of his balls against her butt, just his deep grunts as he unloaded in her.  After a few minutes, Sarah regained her breath and  very slowly did a push up and pulled out.   


I enjoyed seeing his wet cock slide from her as he withdrew, flexibly semi-erect, now about six inches but still thick.   Soaked with both their juices, it slithered out like a snake, flopping out as he withdrew the head.  Freed of his cock, Sarah exhaled as she fell to the bed.  As she rolled off, his sperm started to ooze out of her well-fucked cunt, rolling down in thick white globs between her butt-cheeks.  Her labia lips, usually very small and narrow, were now a dark pink, thickly swollen and spread gaping open.  Bubbling with Doug's cream, her normally closed love-hole had been stretched to the size of three fingers across. 

Normally I would have let her rest after she had cum like that, but not tonight.  I quickly took his place between her bent legs and slipped my cock head between her swollen, pink pussy lips.  I easily slid in using their combined cums for lubrication.  It felt wonderful.  Looking down I could see globs of Doug's curdling sperm covering my shaft on every one of my strokes.  All this time she just continued with her mini orgasms.  
"Cum inside me," she whispered.  I tried to hold off but it didn't take long before added my load to the mixture foaming inside her pussy.  By then, Doug was hard again and ready for another round.  He was a Tyrannosaurus Sex all right.  

During the second round, Doug and I both enjoyed taking turns having our cock sucked clean while the other gave her pussy deep thrusts.  She'd suck me while I was on my knees in front of her face while Doug fucked her.  Then Doug would take my place at her head and I'd enjoy watching her trying to swallow his thick cock while mine stroked inside her.  After about 30 minutes, and switching off several times, Sarah got on all fours, thrusting her little butt up.  Doug took took her first as I crawled underneath her, licking her clit.  My mouth had never been so close to another guy's cock before.  It was just so near, so tempting.  I sucked harder on her clit, and then gave his cock a stealthy lick as it disappeared into her.  The taste was sensational.  As he slowly withdrew, I reached up and softly squeezed his balls enjoying the close-up view of her engorged inner puss lips pouting from between her equally swollen outer labia, dripping thick globs of cum.  I remember thinking to myself that it had the consistency of yogurt and the scent was just as delicious.  I found myself licking up every drop I could find as I laid there, both from the stream from her pussy and from the underside of his cock.  Then I fucked her while Doug performed oral duties.

We finally called it a night and went to sleep with Sarah in the middle.  Very early in the morning, they were at it again.  I woke to Doug mounting her.   After a few strokes, he gripped her, and began his cock into her cervix, Sarah's body would shudder and she'd let out a guttural "uggh!" as if she was being punched in the stomach.  Then he withdrew one last time and rammed it right back in again.  I had a tremendous hard-on, and Sarah gently sucked my cock into her mouth, rolling it along her tongue as she played with my balls.  I quickly came, watching her throat work as she swallowed.


The next morning Doug went to visit his daughters, and Sarah asked how I felt about last night.

I told her it was a great experience and I was looking forward to his next visit.  She gave me the greatest smile I'd ever seen on her and added a little kiss on the cheek and a little squeal of delight.  From then on, telling me how Doug's cock felt in her became our regular foreplay.  

He made subsequent visits over the next two years, two or three times a year, staying two, three days at a time.  The three of us never failed to share multiple orgasms together - and Doug and I both enjoyed filling Sarah with a quart of man-cream on each visit.  We both enjoyed eating her cum-filled pussy, and in later sessions, he and I progressed from furtively licking to vigorously sucking each other's cum coated cocks fresh from her pussy.  Of course Sarah took her turn sucking each of us clean, too.

It was the most erotic period of my life.  



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