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NYC 99501: A Hard Days Work NSFW

March 23, 2018


Emma could hear the deep rumbling of his new HD Chevy Silverado as he pulled up to the house just past 7:00 p.m. The idling engine was loud and made her jump from her seat and throw her favorite pink lace blankie…




He was early! His shift wasn’t supposed to be over until Midnight and Emma was sneaking some TV time out in the living room before getting ready for bed. Daddy's very particular and if Emma was caught, she knew it meant punishment. The HID headlights on the truck pierced through the blinds as she darted for the bedroom. Pulse hammering in her ears, Emma jumped in bed. Daddy was a police officer and his punishments were no joke. Emma hated not making Daddy happy and would do anything to please him.

She could hear his footsteps as he walked tenaciously through the living room and up the stairs. The old oak floors creaking as he made his way to her room. Emma had picked out a new sheer black lace teddy to wear.  Daddy had picked it out special at the store, but had not seen it on her yet.  She was always so self-conscious showing herself to him.  Emma did not like feeling so visible and her insecurities often took over and got the best of her.  She was a curvy girl and definitely bigger than what she knew Daddy was used to.  He always did his best to comfort Emma and tell her how much he loved her creamy white skin, ample breasts, soft belly, and curvaceous hips. Daddy always teased that Emma had birthing hips and he looked forward to giving her his baby.

Her fingers clenched her comforter and she dragged her front teeth over her plump rosy bottom lip. His scent was intoxicating and she could smell him as her neared…

Whatever combination of cologne, body odor, and deodorant it was made her feel like she was high. Her heart was capricious and she was instantly soothed and relaxed. After work Daddy was definitely Emma’s favorite.

The heavy old door creaked open and Daddy stood in the open doorway, his look tender but lustful as his lips curled into a smile. “Hello my Emma…” rolled sweetly off his tongue. He voice was deep and smooth like butter. He melted her instantly. Still in his uniform the handcuffs jingled on his belt as he approached her.


“Emma, is there anything you want to tell me?” He spoke to her with a sense of reprimand in his voice. He knew she had snuck out to watch TV without his permission.


Emma bit her lip and sputtered for a moment… “but, but, Daddy… I’m sorry, Daddy.”
“I’ve told you that you are to be waiting for me in bed when I get home and that you need to be ready to receive me.”


“I am ready Daddy and it won’t happen again.”


He ripped the covers off of her revealing her voluptuous body quivering underneath. He sat next to her and parted her warm juicy thighs with his calloused hand. He instantly noticed the juices running down her leg. She was excited to see him and could no longer hide it. He swept the long brown hair from her face and intensely looked her in the eyes. “Emma, are you happy to have Daddy home and with you in bed?”

She whimpered and slowly nodded while not being careful not to break his gaze. The reason he picked the particular black teddy was because it had a tie on the front which he could release thereby exposing his Babygirl. He gently moved his hand up her thigh to the satin tie and gave it a stern tug to release the knot.


Emma flinched.


“Emma, what’s the matter?”


“I feel weird, Daddy, with you taking my tie off I am so exposed and I’m… I’m just too big.”


He cupped her breast and pulled her close with a tug of her long hair. “I have never told you that you are too big, sweetie, and if I didn’t find you attractive I wouldn’t be here with you now. You don’t doubt Daddy’s taste, do you?”


She didn’t, but she was only just learning to accept his desire of her. It was hard for her to succumb to his touch. “Out of bed, Babygirl” He ordered. The tone of his voice changed from sweet to stern and his stare became increasingly intense. “Turn around and grab your ankles.”


Emma was well aware what this meant. It was time for punishment.


“You have been very bad Emma… You snuck out when you were not supposed to and you doubted your Daddy… How am I going to make you learn?” She trembled as she felt his hand run down the small of her back and over her round ample ass.


SMACK! She flinched with the sting but maintained her position.


“What do bad girls get, Emma?”


“Spankings, Daddy” she whimpered.








He didn’t hold back and it was clear that he had a very hard day at work. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as she felt the welts on her back side start to form.


SMACK! Daddy took great pleasure in seeking her cheeks get redder and redder.


“Daddy, please… I will be a good girl, I promise.”


He grabbed her by her waist and slammed her onto the bed face down. Emma gasped as she felt Daddy's bulge ride along her ass.  Before she could move he stuffed three fingers into her dripping wet pussy. She couldn’t help but let out a moan of delight. “Don’t disobey me again, Babygirl, do you understand me?”
“Ye... Yesss, Daddy,” she wailed.

He rotated his hand and massaged her clit with his thumb. “You like that sweetie? I feel your clit throbbing for me.” He pulled his fingers out of her and instructed her to lie face up on the bed. “Open your mouth, Babygirl."   He slid his fingers, wet with her juices into her mouth and she hungrily sucked each one clean.

Laying on her back with her nighty open and her freshly shaven pussy ready for him she felt exposed and insecure. “You’re my slutty little girl, aren’t you Emma?”


She smiled sweetly, feeling a happy glow of pleasure and anticipation. He stared at her body with an intensity she was not used to. His gaze made her breath hitch.  She felt instantly desirable.  He knew her body so well and he knew how to make her experience pleasure and pain in a way that banished her insecurity she.  He made her feel cherished and safe.


He knelt between her thighs, boldly pressed them apart. “Hold your legs, Emma. Keep them out of my way.” She did what she was told, with anticipation. He placed both hands on her lower abdomen.   “Emma, I’m going to put a baby in here tonight, do you understand me?”


She nodded.  The thought of her Daddy’s warm load shooting deep into her belly thrilled her. She wanted his him, all of him.  She wanted his baby. “Oh Daddy, please. Please fill me with everything you have.”

Knowing her womb would be more accepting if she climaxed, he slid a finger into her. Her pussy clenched around his finger, and, moaned as another joined,  as he swiftly moved in and out tapping her G spot each time. He massaged her clit with his other hand. The combination had Emma moaning and wiggling.


Suddenly he saw her eyes roll back and her body arched into his hand, pressing closer and closer begging for more. He snickered to himself, he knew he made her cum hard.


"Mine," he whispered. “Do you understand me, Emma, that pussy is mine. I control it and I make you cum.”


“Oh Daddy, Fuck me Daddy please… I need your cock in me.” 


His cock was rock hard and aching to be inside that tight pink pussy. It was amazing how wet she got and how fast. “Get on top, Babygirl” he whispered.  Her legs quivering she slowly got up. He wisked the hair out of her face and kissed her. “Babygirl, you’re beautiful and Daddy is so proud of you.”


Triumphantly, Emma climbed on top of him and slid his throbbing swollen cock into her.  He reached up, grasping her breasts, pulling her close, as she thrust her hips.   She groaned:  Grinding and bouncing, reveling in the feel of him...


So full...


So hard...


So hot...


So wet...


So deep...


She steadied herself with her hands on his shoulders.  Rocking against him breathlessly over and over and over again.  Harder.  Faster.  His hips swinging up to meet her thrust for thrust as their eyes locked,


“Emma, I’m close.”


She smirked, satisfied that she was doing good.


“Emma...  Fuck...  Babygirl…  Fuck your Daddy!”


She froze as she felt his hot cum blast  inside her. She clenched around him, gripping him tightly, as he unloaded inside her.   Exhausted, she collapsed on top of him, pulling him closer, not wanting to get off


“How do you feel, Babygirl?”


She chuckled softly.  “Oh Daddy...  Pregnant.”