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Fess Up Friday NSFW

March 17, 2017

Got a dirty secret, a filthy fantasy, or a kinky fetish you wanna tell me all about?
Message me here and if you want to include an image, message me here!
xoxoxo jd

I am discovering I'm not who I presented myself to be when we got into this. 
I'm struggling with that. Like, an all out war between head and heart and snatch, 'cause goddamn I love fucking you.


Women talk about having that good pussy, but what to do when you get hooked on that good cock?  Not too long, just thick enough...
Sweetness, you gotta come clean about who you are and what you want.  Because there's only so long you can fake a persona.  There will come a point where either you crack and the real you'll come spilling out or you'll freak the fuck out.

I don’t talk to you much. But I look forward to your comments. I love when I get those brief interactions and just can feel your intelligence.
I’m not sure why, it’s a feeling I get. 
It’s beyond sexy how you handle trouble when it arises and when I actually saw you post your picture after that, I wanted to remove your clothes with my mouth and trail my tongue down your stomach and put you deep in my throat. I want you to tie me up and tease my nipples and continue further down until your face is buried.


Oh my fucking God!
Names, pictures, videos, telegrams, something!
Who is this mighty Dom who gets to ride your fantasy ass rough for his pleasure?
Guys are always bitching about girls wanting the hot ones, but get me a MAN who can take control of a situation...  Bark out orders and KNOW things are being taken care of because HE said so...
I'll be at his beck and call all night and day!
(Beck and call are what I call his cock and balls)

Oooh, Daddy, you bring out the excited little girl in me!
I've never wanted to obey, I've always been strong will. But when you tell me to do something, I can't help but want to do it. I want to make you smile, I want you to tell me I'm a good girl. And I want so badly to feel your hands run over me as you tell me I can cum. 
I want to ride you until I just don't have the energy to move and than fall asleep curled up in your arms
Love, Your Inola <3


You sound so totally adorable!  I love to hear about a happy couple having the kind of sex that upsets the neighbors and ends with a trip to the hardware store because it turns out the door frame wasn't load bearing.

I want to engage in defloration and virginity loss fetish play with younger females (just over the age of consent 18-23), who are coming into their full blossom. I want to help them discover a fuller range of sexual experiences. 
Some more consensual others a bit less so. (But not actual sexual assault/rape). 
And not just the obvious variety of virginity loss, either.


Been there.  It's either exciting or terrifying (Or both) depending on the girl.  You've got to plan for their anxiety and lack of experience.  
If you're planning to take "other virginities" remember to prep that asshole over time!
I should warn you that virgins, despite what porn keeps insisting is true, are pretty over-rated.

They have a vague idea of what to do, may not be able to follow instructions or tell you what doesn't feel right, and they may imprint on you.
You have to be ready for a young woman to decide that you wanted more than her body, and that's the hard part.
Unless you're a complete piece of shit, then you'll be fine.

I would like to come clean about my rape fantasies but I'm so afraid of the judgement. I'm a girl.

The idea of complete submission is nothing to be ashamed of.  It's not something you talk about with Dad, but I'll bet you anything your Mom might have some advice.
Talk to your partner about your fantasy, establish rules and safe words, and then wait.
A smart partner will make it a surprise.

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