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Battle of the Brat: Lessons Learned

March 14, 2017


Hair matted and eyes gummy, she stealthily glided slowly across the floor, hands outstretched, fingers curled into claws.  At the last moment the Beast turned from the stove, foiling her plans.
"You're no fun," May sighed dramatically.
"As if I’d ever let you sneak up on me, Princess," Kemono teased. He ignored her rolling eyes, and nodded towards the table., "Hungry?"
"Famished!" She answered and dug into the steaming plate. Her eyes followed him around the room, and he finally asked, but received a mumbled, "Nothing."
She found him later in the dining area pecking away at his notebook, he glanced up as she entered, freshly showered, hair turbaned in a towel, and rolled his eyes at her.
"You're stealing my clothes. Again."
"Borrowing," she corrected as she flopped down on the couch across the room.
"Can I have them back?"

"They're so comfy!"
"Whatever makes you happy, Princess," he replied.
"What are you doing?"
"Answering emails. Why?"
"No reason."  
Kemono shrugged and returned to his keyboard. A moment later a pair of hands snaked across his lap and began tugging at his zipper.
"I wanna play!" She called from under the table. He pushed her hands away firmly.
"I'm busy, as soon as I'm not busy, we'll play."
She sat under the table for a moment, her face screwed up in a pout. She touched his knee and watched it swing gently outward. Encouraged she, touched the other, and his groin was wide open, she grabbed the front of his pants, quickly unzipping him and reached inside.
"Princessssss..." Kemono trailed off in a hiss as she pulled the head of his cock into her mouth, her hands tugging at his waistband, trying to free the rest of him. He leaned back and let her have her fun. He slowly pushed the chair away from the table and she crawled after, her lips never losing their grip, once she was clear, he grasped her wrists and pulled her to her feet. "What did I tell you?"
"But I wanna-" A slap against her ass silenced her whine.
"No 'buts', Princess. What did I say?"
"You had to work."
"We would play later."
"And what did you do?"
She bit her bottom lip, considering her options, and looked up at him through her lashes, "I'm sorry."
"Uh huh..." Kemono pressed a thumb under her chin, raising her eyes to his, "You say that." He pointed to the floor. "On your knees, legs spread." May hurried to comply. Kemono strolled over pulling the chair along, his cock waving in front of her face, he undressed, and sat into front of her. "Hands behind your back, Princess, and open your mouth." As soon as she obeyed he grasped the sides of her head and jammed his cock into her hot mouth.  
May's eyes widened as she choked, but her hands dutifully remained behind her back as he began to fuck her face, drool and precum ran down her chin as he pulled and pushed her face back and forth. Tears ran down her face as he pushed her off and sat watching her gasp.
"Up!" He ordered, he pulled up the shirt, exposing her breasts, and dragged his nails across them, until he reached her nipples. She groaned as he squeezed and pulled them, using them to pull her forward and down so she was straddling his thigh. "You've been disobedient, Princess. Disobedient princesses do not get to do what they want."
May nodded and brought her hands around, grasping his shaft.
"NO!" She sat startled staring at his stern face. "You do not get to touch me until I say you can."
She looked down and watched as he grasped himself and began running his hand slowly up and down his spit slicked skin. The head oozed precum that dripped onto and trailed down her leg. She lifted her foot until her lower leg grazed his balls, and his free hand found her throat before she could blink.
"What did I say?"
"Not to touch you until you give me permission."
"Did I give you permission?"
"No, Kemono."
The hand tightened briefly and black spots flew at the edges of her vision.
"No, Sir."
"Good, Princess."
He began to stroke again, watching her eyes watch him caress his hard cock. Her hand touched her clit and she gasped with sensation and choked as his hand again squeezed.
"Ask first, Princess."
May's eyes shimmered with frustrated tears, "Can I touch myself, Sir?"
"You may grind against me. But if you touch any part of my cock or balls or you come, I will punish you."
"Thank you," May whispered. She grasped his thigh and began rocking her hips in time with his movements. She moaned and shuddered as she masturbated using his body while watching him masturbate watching her. Minutes passed, and Kemono watched as her hips arched back, bringing her more in contact with his thigh. Her legs spread obscenely as she dragged herself against him. Her breathing began to hitch and his hand found her again.
"You made a mess on my leg, Princess."
"Clean it up." May stood, her legs trembled as she pulled the shirt from around her neck and over her head. As she reached down to wipe his voice froze her. "You want to use my precious shirt that you stole to clean up your mess?"
"Sir?" Her voice trembled with desire and exhaustion.
"Get down and lick it up."
May quickly knelt and drew her tongue through the slickness over and over. In the corner of her eye she can see his fingertips gently stroke his still erect cock. She closed her eyes, and continued up his leg until the top of her head gently bumped into his stomach, opening her eyes the glaring rosy cockhead filled her view and she quickly pulled it into her mouth. Just as suddenly, Kemono's hand grasped her hair and pulled her back.
"What. Did. I. Say."
"But, I-"
"On the floor, on your back!"  
May bit her lip to keep from smiling at her victory. She quickly dropped and pulled her feet up, exposing her pussy, ready for his penetration.
"Feet down, legs together!"
Unable to resist, her knees dropped and met, and he straddled her thighs. Grasping his shaft, he rubbed the dripping head against her inflamed clit, watching as she bucked. He continued to stroke against her as she whimpered.
"What do good princesses get?" Kemono growled.
"Good princess get to play," May wailed.
"And bad princesses?"
Her body shuddered, jerked, and spasmed as she gasped "Punished!"
Kemono lifted up from her, began to furiously jerk his cock, and groaned as he sprayed cum across her body. Reaching from her hair to her pussy, the semen struck her skin randomly. His eyes closed, he panted as May lay beneath him.
He dipped his fingers in a puddle on her stomach and traced it on her skin.
"Have you been punished enough, Princess?"
"I don't..." She trailed off, and more firmly answered, "No."
"Good Princess," he continued to rub the cum into her skin, May could feel it beginning to harden and stick. "We're going out: Lunch and movie. Does that sound nice?"
May blinked, confused "Yes, sir."  
"You are to wear that knit blouse with no bra, a short skirt with no panties, and those thigh high socks."
"Yes, sir." 

Kemono stood and helped her to her feet, he kissed her gently and began to gather their clothes from the floor. "Princess."
May stopped halfway to the bathroom, "Sir?"
"I said to get dressed, not to take a shower."
"But... I'm covered in cum! I reek of sex!"
"And everyone will know what a disobedient princess you are."
He smiled savagely. "You wanted to have your way, Princess. I told you 'no' and you thought you'd get to eat your cake and have it too."

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