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Wild Child: My First Experience

March 11, 2017

"Vibrators, real feel dildos, butt plugs, you name it, I tried it."


I don't think I'll ever forget my first real experience in the Dom/sub world. It was eyeopening to say the least. I must have been about 16, maybe 17, and freshly single. I remember setting up a date with this really cute guy I had known for a little over six months...  Who was also ten years older than me.

I was so excited to be back on the romance scene. I stayed up late that night, making sure to pick out the perfect outfit:
Not too slutty, but just enough to let him know I meant business.
I woke up the next morning way early to make sure my hair and makeup were perfect.
Were we going to have sex or was he going to reject me because of my age?
Was my outfit cute enough?
Does my breath smell bad?

 My anxiety was through the roof and my mind was going about a million miles a minute. The ten minute drive to his house felt like it took hours. My heart was racing in my chest and my hands were shaking. I pulled into his driveway behind him and sat in my car for a minute, trying to calm myself so I didn't look as nervous as I was.
“Are ya gonna get out?”
“Well, yeah...  Just making sure I have my stuff so I don't have to come back out.”


He took my overnight bag from me and led me up the stairs to his house. I was still shaking like a leaf and he must have noticed because he squeezed my hand a little bit and gave me a look. Instantly I was calm. We walked into his house and as soon as I shut the door he came up, smacked my butt and told me to take my clothes off and to sit on the couch.
Well, that didn't take long, I thought to myself as I did what I was told, not completely sure as to why I was being so compliant. You're usually so mouthy!  What has gotten into you? I asked myself.
I sat on the couch naked, and he came over with a little silk bag and sat next to me.
“Ever used toys before?'
“Vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, etc?”
“Uhm...  No.”
“Well then, just sit back and enjoy.”
“Why don't you make me?” There's the mouth I know and love!

“Oh, you just said the wrong thing, my dear. I am going to let you in a little secret:
I am a Dominant. That makes you my submissive, if you should agree, of course. That means that what I say goes. We will set up a 'safe word' so that if things get too intense or something happens that you do not approve of, say the word and any and all activities stop. We will also set up hard limits for each other so we don't risk crossing boundaries. Is this something you would be interested in doing with me?”

I sat there in pure silence for a good minute before I finally squeaked out a “Yes”.
“You understand the rules? And that if you break said rules I get to punish you?”
“What kind of punishment?”
“Spanking, whipping, not allowing you to climax, etc.”
“Hmm...  And what's in it for me?”
“Pure, unadulterated, animalistic pleasure.”


Just like that I was his little toy.

I was excited, nervous, anxious, curious and a little scared to be honest. Before I could even react he had me pinned down on the couch with a vibrator inside me. I'm pretty sure I yelped at first from the shock of him being so forward. I was used to guys just “licking it and sticking it” and not taking the time to work me over and get me going so this was definitely welcomed.

We must have played for at least a couple hours before we even thought about going to the bedroom. Vibrators, real feel dildos, butt plugs, you name it, I tried it. It was such a rush! Once we entered the bedroom, he threw me on the bed and tied me down to the bed posts. I remember how warm his breath was on my neck as he whispered in my ear, “You won't be able to walk when I'm done with you”.
Just that phrase alone was enough to make my legs quiver, or maybe that was just residual from the foreplay. He pulled my hair, spanked me, whipped me, choked me, we even went as far as to try “stretching”. That was interesting to say the least but I haven't tried it since. We went for what seemed like days, switching positions, trying different toys, double penetration, the works. He was right too, I couldn't even stand up let alone walk when we were done.


I will never forget my first time being a submissive. It made me feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life. I definitely recommend trying it at least once in your life, you won't regret it!

Much love my fellow LADs and LADies!



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