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Fess-Up Friday NSFW

March 10, 2017

Got a dirty secret, a filthy fantasy, or a kinky fetish you wanna tell me all about?

Message me here and if you want to include an image, message me here!

xoxoxo jd


Secret Crossdresser
When my wife is out of the house I like to wear her thongs.

I like the way they feel against my ass and how they can be a perfect sock for my cock.

I get so hard just knowing that it’s my dirty little secret and when I see her wearing one that I’ve worn, it puts a little smile on my face.

Oooh...  I so want to see!
I know thongs get a bad rep from people that can't  handle a wedgie that shows off their butthole, but they are so sexy.
I'm totally betting you wear her out after she's worn them after you!

I’m a Freak.
I want men to beat my ass. I want hickies on my whole body. I want a man’s hand on my throat.
But I also want to give hickies to a soft woman. I want to beat her ass. I want to pull her hair and slap her ass. 
I want to use sex to let loose my pent up aggression. From men I want them to beat the aggression out of me, but from women I want someone I can take my aggression out of. I only want consensual sex, but I love aggressive, rough sex.

Wait...  Did I post this or have you been reading my dream journal?
Rough sex is so much fun:  The energy, the power, that look of excitement and fear on her face when you tell her "I'm not done yet."  
I'm getting out old Blackie and going to town on Diana when she comes over!
Safe, sane, and consensual are the key words and make sure you have a safe word whether your on bottom or on top!


I recently performed fellatio on twelve guys in one day. It was a very busy and embarrassing day as my tonsils were rocketed non-stop. But there is nothing that I love more than to have my lips wrapped tightly around a cock.

BITCH!  You broke my record of seven!
Just the idea of kneeling in a circle of cocks or crawling from cock to cock and then sitting in that warm rain of cum...  People always get down on humiliation junkies, but GODDAMN! giving up that control is so liberating sometimes!
Just remember to use a mouth wash after, just in case of infections.
Oral transmission of most STD's is rare, but it can happen.

I learned to love anal

from my father-in-law.

Didn't we all?  
My "we shouldn't be doing this" was my high school gym teacher (Fucking dumb as a horse, and hung like one).  He said he could only get off inside an asshole, and I was all "Won't that hurt?"
He said no and oh! my! fucking! god! it was like being split open!  
Fucking idiot used fucking spit for fucking lube and couldn't fucking figure out why I kept fucking screaming!
I brought some Vaseline the next time, but it took me about four weeks to get used to the pony express and thank fucking god he thought a blowjob was a good substitute when my ass needed a break.

I’m a straight guy

and recently experimented with sexting guys and liked it. It made me horny so now I think I might be bisexual.
I was very aroused by dick pics.

You and me both!

Not the getting dick pics, I'm pretty sure I could ask a random guy on the street for a dick pic and he'd forward me one he has ready right then.

Pussies pics are the best, but it can be SUCH a dramatic production getting a woman to send you a shot!

Sexuality is a journey, I've known spaghetti chicks (Straight until you get them wet), and I've watched guys who never even thought about it choke on a cock.
Who you are today, might not mean a fucking thing to who you are tomorrow.  Find what makes you happy and go from there.


xoxoxo jd

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