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Doms, and subs, and SWITches: Taylor Bartolotta NSFW

March 7, 2017

"He pulled me by my collar and told me that if I was a good girl and sucked him off under the table he would reward me later."


Life After Dark
Do you identify as Dom, sub, or SWItch?


Taylor Bartolotta

 I'm definitely a switch with more submissive tendencies.


Switch with a single partner?



You mean monogamy?
No, we have two couples that we play with on occasion. Keeps things interesting in the relationship.

I'm more submissive with the other couples but way more dominant with my hubby.


You alternate based on the participants needs?


Yep. The females are both very submissive so I'm generally the take charge one when we play, but the men are super dominant so I get to enjoy being shackled and such.


Do you see your Dom and sub sides as alternate personas or different sides of the whole person?


Definitely different personas. I have been told I tend to play the Mistress role a little too well [Laughs]!


Left some bruises?


Bruises, handprints, welts, whatever I wanted to (within the guidelines my sub sets of course).


Do you prefer BD, Ds, or SM, or a combination of two or more, and what do you bring from each subsection as a Dom versus as a sub?


I love it all [Laughs].  I've dabbled in all of the different parts of BDSM and each part sparks a new kink of mine.  I generally, as a Mistress, enjoy bondage and discipline more.   As a submissive, I enjoy pain, punishment, bondage, discipline, et cetera, et cetera.


As a Mistress, do you prefer cuffs and belts or ropes and scarves?


All of the above. Generally its whatever I have on hand.


Do you have a preferred toy for your punishment?


I love just being paddled either on the ass or vagina or thighs.


How public are you with the lifestyle?


Not overly. My family doesn't know but my close friends know and ask questions all the time. I'm also actually on a website specifically for kinksters.


I'll definitely ask for the link to include in this.


Hell, yeah!


Have you ever experienced Domspace or subspace?


I had a Dom a few years back and when I stepped foot into his house it was like a completely different place. I became his toy and if we went out in public I had to do as he said when he said it.  As well as the rape play we did together.  I would get so into it I would actually start crying and really getting into my role.


What was the most "out there" thing you ever did in public for him?



We were at a restaurant for dinner one night and I had my collar on. He pulled me by my collar and told me that if I was a good girl and sucked him off under the table he would reward me later. So I did as I was told... And we got kicked out of the restaurant [Laughs]!

We got caught right as he was finishing on my face!  I had to walk out of the restaurant covered because he said if I cleaned up I would be punished [Laughs]

It was so exhilarating!


You're a bit of a humiliation junkie?


That's the understatement of the year [Laughs]!


Aside from that what's the most you've ever been degraded?


I would have to say the time I was with another Master of mine.
We went to his house and all of his guy friends were there and he told me "Your going to get naked, get on your knees and suck each of these guys until they blow all over your face then I want you to crawl to me and beg me to fuck you in front of my friends."
He went all out and let his friends spit on me and slap me while he was taking his pleasure.


What's the most you in turn have ever degraded a sub?


I would have to say when I was with my ex. He looooooooved being dominated by me.  He would love it when I would tie him up and gag him and make him wear my panties.  He especially loved it when I made him wear outfits I chose for him when we would go grocery shopping:  Skirts, makeup, bras, panties, frilly tops, the works!




He loved it!


What's the most shocking scene you've been involved in?


I would have to say the 100 person orgy/party I went to that I disclosed in my last interview. It was insane! There were people on leashes being led around to different women and being forced to eat them out, there were men in women's clothes being played with and made fun of, it was so crazy but so fun!


Was there a time for you before the Lifestyle or have you always known?


I found out I liked this lifestyle when I was about 16 and I haven't looked back since.


What was the precursor of your discovery?


I think I just kinda stumbled into it. I was dating a guy who asked if I wanted to try something new he found and the rest is history


Would the pre-Lifestyle you recognize you?


Probably not [Laughs]:  She's a bit of a prude.


What would you advise to people interested in trying out the Lifestyle?