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Battle of the Brat: Tiger Eyed Kitten

February 9, 2018

Kitten came plodding down the hallway, each clump reverberated agitation.  A moment later the door swung open banging against the wall, "You said you'd be done soon!"  She flops in the chair across from me.  

"Yes, it isn't 'soon' yet," I answer without glancing at my adorable distraction, 

She snorts and, crossing one leg over the other, bobbing it up and down gently tapping my desk.  I stand and stride around the desk and lean over her.  "Look at me."

She folds her arms and looks down, her chin resting on her breastbone.  I place a finger under her chin.  lifting her face to look at me. There was so little resistance I could tell she was playing for more playing for attention, rather than truly being angry.   Her tiger striped eyes meet mine "I promised you that we are going and and I keep my promises, kitten, but I need to get this done."

"Fine!" She huffs and "I'll let you get back to work."  

She slips out from under me and heads towards the door, I quietly follow and wrap my arms around her.


"I hate it  when you do that!" She exclaims, clearly startled.


"Your tone tells me otherwise."


I spin her around and, pushing her against the wall, kiss her deeply.  As I feel her knees start to buckle and a soft whimper slips from her mouth to mine,  I walk back to my desk and return to work.


"You're wicked. You know what that does to me."


"I'm well aware, kitten."


"That's not fair at all!"


"When did I ever give you the impression that I was 'fair'?"


Her mouth narrowed and she stalked out of my office, slamming the door.  I smiled well aware that she wasn't actually mad, just being bratty.


Forty minutes later, done with work, showered, and wearing fresh clothes, I stroll downstairs and find her lounging in her favorite armchair, one leg dangling over the arm.  I run a finger up her leg and head for the door.


"Hurry, or I'm leaving without you."


I hear her scramble for her shoes as I grab my bag.  "Don't you dare!  I won't be happy!"


I laugh as we head out and hit the shops.  We go from store to boutique window shopping; the entire time she's pouting and refusing to tell me what's bothering her.   


"One more stop," I announce as we  climb into the car.  
She folds her arms again and glares out the windshield, "Fine!"


I smirk and pull a blindfold out of my bag.  I dangle in front of her eyes, and she smiles for the first time in hours.


"We're gonna play a game?"


"Yes, we are."  She grins as I slip the blindfold on her.  I put on her favorite music, as she leans back, settling into the seat.  Twenty minutes later, we've park and I lead her to the destination.  Her hands  flutter in front of her and finally grasp the door handle.  "Are you ready, kitten?"


"Yes!"  I peel the off the blindfold. And she squeals ecstatically when she realizes we're at a new adult store that specializes in BDSM, including  brats, littles, and kittens.   For weeks she'd been printing off flyers to and casually scattering them around the house, leaving unanswered texts, and all kinds of subtle hints.

Behind the counter, the clerk glanced up and looked us over, recognizing that we weren't vanillas or tourist.  "Help you find anything?"


"No," I nodded toward Kitten who was pawing over every shiny thing she could reach, "but she will."


"Call out if you need help."


"Thanks," I answer as I follow the sound of joyful cooing.  In the back I find her sitting in a display bin of stuffies.  "Would you like to go look at the toys we can share?"  Stuffies forgotten, she follows me into a walled off area labeled simply "Dungeon", the walls lined with shining leather and medical steel.  Hanging across from the door is a paddle about two feet long.  Kitten gravitates towards it, her fingers trace the three purple hearts carved into the thick material.

"Can I?"  I glance at the price, pursing my lips, I nod.  Reverently she lifts it off it's hook, and takes a couple practice swings, feeling the heft. Remembering her place, she looks at me, "May I?"




A moment later, the clerk pops in, "Yes?"


"Can she take the paddle for a test run?"  He smiles and nods.  I turn to Kitten and smile.  Her empty hand rushes to her belt buckle before I stop her.  "Kitten, through the clothes."  She frowns and sighs. Spreading her legs, she braces her feet, and whips the paddle around striking her ass. The smack reverberates around the room.  Kitten's eyes squeeze shut as she shudders.


"I love it!"  She exclaims her tiger eyes pleading.


"It's too expensive," I answer holding out my hand.  She pouts for a moment and, after placing the paddle in my hand, wanders out of the Dungeon to the Play Zone.


I watch her for a moment and pass the toy to the clerk  "Here.  Wrap it up and slip it in with everything else."

Kitten is cranky as we enter the front door, upset that she didn't get the paddle.  She stomps up the stairs carrying two bags, slams open the bedroom door, stomps in, and drops the bags next to the bed.  I grimace and seize her from behind.


"You've been absolutely terrible all day!  I think it's time I reminded you of who you belong to."  I open my arms releasing her.  I disrobe, carefully draping my blouse and skirt on a chair, and perch on the side of the bed watching her dispassionately.




She smiles hopefully and begins swaying her hips to the song in her head.  She spins, and pulls her t-shirt over head, her red hair cascading around her face. She turns her butt towards me, wiggling it as she pops her belt and pushes her pants and panties down.  Her butt continues to sway as she looks over her shoulder hopefully.


I point to the floor in front of me, "Here.  Now."  She's there instantly, grasping my hand, trying to pull it to her breast.  I pull away and her lower lip juts out protesting her treatment.  "Bad little girls don't get the attention they want, they get the attention they've earned."


Her eyes drop to the floor as she tries for contrition, "Yes, Miss." 


I quickly lean in, biting her petulant lower lip. She gasps and meets my gaze.


"You need to make me happy if you want to be happy, Kitten"




I smile and spread my knees.


"Miss, I've never been good at oral!"  She whines.


I kiss her, breathing through her, and whisper, "I have every confidence in you, Kitten."


She kneels down, her butt resting on her heels, as she stares at my pussy, her eyes wide with anxiety.  I grasp her arms and pull her to her feet.  I kiss her again and lean back on the bed, drawing her with me.  The kiss deepens, and she pulls away, her lips trailing down my jaw, down my neck.  She gently licks my nipple and I inhale sharply. Encouraged she cups my breasts, and alternates between them, sucking and licking, as I began to pant.  Her tiger eyes watching me carefully, gliding down my stomach, and, frustratingly, circling my groin, starts kissing my inner thighs.  

I groan.


She slowly moves in and takes an experimental lick.  I buck slightly and she smiles at my reaction.  Grasping my thighs, she rests them on her shoulders, spreading me apart. Her little pink tongue teases me:  Gently licking and nibbling.  She becomes bolder and pushes her face into me.


"Good, Kitten," I gasp as she truly begins eating me.  I twist, and almost cry out when a finger slides into me.   After about 20 minutes of her taunting me, I pull her up, flipping her onto her back.  I kneel over her face and grind my pussy into her open mouth.  I rock back and forth on her lips, tongue, and teeth and she claws at my hips and ass pulling me down and her upwards.  My head falls back as I see infinite nothing and I'm cumming on her face.


I crawl off her glistening, gasping face.  She starts to wipe my leavings away and I grab her wrist.  


"That stays.  You forgot who you belong to:  The first part of your punishment is that you get to wear my cum."


"'First part'?"


I kiss her, tasting me, and smile, "Kitten, we're just getting started and I'm done playing."


Eyes wide, she nods, "Yes, Miss."


"Good.  Face down, ass up, Kitten.  I need to inspect my lovely ass."  A moment later, she's kneeling on the edge of the bed, her head resting on her crossed arms.  I stroke her smooth skin, and contemplate kissing a dimple, but resist.  "This just won't do! Not at all!  You have gotten away with not being spanked that all your bruises are gone!"