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Two-Faced Bitch: Caught in Amber NSFW

December 3, 2018

Amber lay draped over the hammock. The ropes divided her breasts, stomach, and thighs into neat squares as she gently rocked herself. Her head hung over the edge as she watched random videos on her phone, her arms were poked through the larger decorative gaps along the edge. 

The sun shone down against her bare back, she tucked her legs under her as traffic droned beyond the privacy hedge. Across the street, a car swerved, and she popped up in a squat as another car sideswiped it. She swayed back and forth, seeing nothing, and yelped as her knees slipped through the gaps on the edge of hammock. She toppled forward, her arms falling through the gaps in the front. Her fingertip just reached the ground and she tried to brace herself.

She reached for her phone, but it was just out of reach. Sighing, she looked over her shoulder and called out for her husband. A moment later, Gordon leaned out the door and rushed out. He slowed to a walk, and laughed as he realized she wasn't hurt. 

"Wow!" He rested his hand on her bikini clad butt as he inspected the problem. "This is a new best for you."

"Shut up and get me out, Gordon."

He began drumming his fingers on her butt, and tugged on one of the ties on the side of her bottoms. 

 "What are you doing?"

"Seeing how stuck you are," he quipped as he undid the knot on the other side.

"The neighbors..." She called over her shoulder as he plucked the knots on her back and neck loose.

"Can't see us." He pulled the bikini bottom free and knelt between her spread legs. He dipped his tongue into her, enjoying the smoothness and flavor of her. 

"Gordon, don't..." she moaned as the hammock's webbing bit into her. Her heels were pressed against the back of thighs. Her toes flexed with pleasure. Her fingers clambered down her body and found her clit pressed against a nylon cord, she twisted her waist and gasped as her body exploded with sensation. Gordon stood staring at her, Amber looked back over her shoulder, "Why did you st-" She cut off as she stared at the blind hunger on his face. "Gordon?"

He strode around the hammock, his baggy shorts hiding none of his excitement. He touched her cheek, as he released the button and zipper with the other. The shorts fell around his ankles and were quickly joined by his underwear, She stared at his inflamed rod, as if seeing it for the first time, and marveled as she felt her mouth flood with saliva as she continued to rub her crotch against the ever helpful cord.

Her mouth parted and Gordon dove in, her eyes widened as his pubic hair touched her lips. He grasped the sides of her head and began fucking her face. Drool oozed out of her mouth as he slid in and out of her. Tears appeared in Amber's eyes as she gasped shallow breaths between each thrust. He suddenly hunched his back, fists pulled her hair as he burst in her mouth. He stumbled back and stared at her face covered in cum, tears, and spit.

Silently, he grabbed his shorts and tugged them on as he worked out how to get her loose without hurting her. Amber's face fell forward as she gasped for air and wretched. Her bikini top hung from the hammock, her nipples felt like bullets, and her hips still rocked from side to side.

"Gordon?" She croaked. He knelt down, fearful of what she was about to say.

"Amber, baby, I'm so sorry."


"I just got so exci-"

"Gordon. Fuck me."

 Gordon stared at her filthy face, his erection returning to full force. He dropped his shorts again and walked back around the hammock. He shed his shirt and felt the sun fully. He dug his fingers into her, spreading her further open. Seizing his shaft, he fit the head, and drove into her. Her head had been hanging shot up as a gurgling scream burst from her chest. She ground her clit and nipples against the cords as he swung her helpless body back and forth for his pleasure. Squeals spilled from her as spittle leaked from her mouth and pooled on the ground. 

Gordon pummeled her, froth dripped from their joining, as his fingers dug into her hips. He felt like a flaming steel bar cutting through butter. He slammed her against him and came again. His legs gave out and he fell atop her. The hammock's ropes complained as the remaining air in her body rushed out. They gasped as the sun shone on their sweat slicked bodies and traffic hummed 30 feet away. 

"We need to do this again. We need to get some rope or something."

"Fuck, yeah," Gordon murmured.


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