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  • Writers: If you are a veteran of the scene, knowledgeable about a particular skill or subject, or simply have something interesting to say, we would love to feature your article – and would be happy to link back to your website or social media account.
    We require 800 words minimum and 3-6 article relevant images.

  • Interviews:  Do you have a story to tell?  Please contact us, we'd love to share it.
    We can and will protect source anonymity and can anonymize images for your privacy and security.

  • Fiction writers: We would love to feature your short stories or ongoing serials.
    We require 800 words minimum and 2-6 article relevant images.

    • Click here if you're interested in submitting a piece or being interviewed.

  • Photographers:  If you would like to showcase your artistry, we're interested in showing it for you.
    We require 20 images minimum per set.  We do allow nude content but prefer erotica over pornography (Playboy/Playgirl-grade).

  • Models:  We are always on the lookout to support new and up-and-coming models for personal series or as part of an article or story.  We require 20 images minimum per set.

  • LAD accepts images and videos from all body types, genders, and gender identities.

  • We do allow nude content but prefer erotica over pornography.

  • Click here to fill in our Photo Release Form.
  • Business owners who are interested in featuring their business in an article, or establishing an advertising relationship click here.


Please submit your contact details and a short message and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  If possible, include any available links to your work in the message.  Once submitted, all materials become the property of Lifestyles After Dark.


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